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I’m Kelly Beth, owner of twig & leaf botanicals.

I started working with plants several years ago, I knew it was my passion from the moment that I could help my friends by making them teas and tinctures with properties that healed their illnesses, weaknesses & ailments. I decided to go to school for it, have studied & am currently studying Clinical Herbal Medicine and Botany, as well as children’s medicine.

A couple months ago I realized I should offer cooking spices & herbs as well as medicinal plants for teas. Cooking spices can also help us health-wise, and I try to bring that to light in our etsy shop. One thing I’m not modest about is my awesome cooking skills—I love love love to cook & bake vegan! Which brings me to what I’m currently working on—spice blends! My fiancé and I have been eating a lot of delicious food to ensure that the spice blends I’ve been making are versatile & forgiving. So far I have listed a vegan cheese seasoning made with nutritional yeast for a healthy cheesy flavor, a savory breads booster that is amazing in baked goods, a vegan potato seasoning that I don’t even have words to describe. We love potatoes, eat them every day from baked, scalloped, boiled & fried—and we sprinkle this on it every time—yum!

I’ve been slacking putting up the rest of the spice blends, but they’ll get there, and it’s really an endless process. Of course I gear everything toward vegan & vegetarian cooking & baking, which means “cheese” and bouillon need to be tested and true for a flawless, animal-free meal every time.

All of our products come in 100% recycled glass, and every container can be washed & reused for many years. Our Earth is already so full of stuff that will never go away, like plastics, and I strive to make my company’s footprint a teeny-tiny one. The pump-tops for our lotions & soap nut detergent are made from recycled plastic, and 90% of our lids are renewable cork. A more recent idea I had was to eliminate waste by making my own vegan formulation of chalkboard paint for labels on our herb & spice jars. Most businesses use stickers for labeling, which means there is paper waste from the backing. I take this backing, re-pulp it, and add plant fiber and herbs to it, making my own gorgeous paper which I then use as packing slip paper & wrapping for our soaps & candles. This means twig & leaf botanicals is 100% waste-free!

Twig & leaf is my full-time job, and I love it! Each day consists of a ton of research through an increasingly ridiculous herbal book collection, making delicious teas, testing herbal properties, taking care of my plants, cooking & baking with different herbs, using twitter, blogging and making candles. I have a slight addiction to candles. I have several accounts with local businesses for our herbal teas, lotions, soap & soap nuts! This keeps me on my toes, as it’s my responsibility to walk around Boulder and keep an eye on tea levels, etc. keeping true to the eco-friendly lifestyle, neither my fiancé or I own or drive a car.

When I’m not crafting, you can find me writing for an online vegetarian & vegan publication called This Dish is Veg.

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  1. I love reading about people and their passions. Impressive, too that you found a way to do your business with zero-waste, it’s something to strive for, for all of us. Thank you!

  2. I love the fact that you make vegan spices, now gifting for my vegan friends and family members will be much easier! Thank you!

  3. I think your shop is incredible, and I am so impressed with all your efforts to make your business so eco-friendly. I am honored to be your teammate! Wishing you continued success! (And if you’re ever in Iowa, feel free to stop by for some, well, tea.) :)

  4. Your spices look awesome! I want many!!! And I LOVE that you run a zero-waste business – yay for you!