Etsy Resources, Part 3: Treasuries & Virtual Labs

So in case you missed it, in Etsy Resources, Part 1, I covered Alchemy and the Forums; in Part 2 of Etsy Resources, I covered Pounce, Etsy Emails/Newsletters and The Storque blog.  In a continuing effort to make you aware of the myriad resources available to sellers on Etsy, I’m continuing the series, this time focusing on the ever-popular Treasury and the not-so-well-known Virtual Labs.

From ChuckaStone


I’m thinking most of you are quite familiar with treasuries or member-curated galleries.  They are fun to create, allow you to artistically compose some visually stunning handmade goods around a theme of your choosing (or not) and give a boost to the shops you feature (and your own!).

And for those of you who have been around for more than a couple months, you probably remember the days when you had to fight to win a coveted spot as they were very limited to only 300-400 active treasuries at a time.

Says Jenn of ChuckaStone, “treasuries used to scare me when I first joined Etsy because you had to somehow be the lucky one to ‘win’ the spot.  I tried to garner a spot many times until I finally gave up trying because time was not something I could afford to waste.”

But now that there is no limit and anyone can create, it opens up the opportunity for anyone to give it a try.  Now Jenn says that since the change, “it’s a terrific way to spread the love…and get creative!”

From BetsyandBess

So if you haven’t dabbled in making treasuries, here are a few reasons you should reconsider:

  • It’s fun to do – and “fun to share!” says Elizabeth of BetsyandBess
  • It allows you to flex your creative muscles outside of your usual craft – “When I make a treasury, I am doing my best to make a story, to dig out something that is not usually seen, to have something colorful, bold, beautiful,” says Tanja of TanjaSova
  • It’s a way to connect with other sellers; “Now that there are unlimited treasuries, it’s more of a social tool,” says Tiffany of PicnicBasketCrafts
  • It’s a way to get inspired – you get to see what others are doing, what colors are popular and what type of photography catches your (and probably other’s) eye; “[Treasuries] allow you to discover new shops and get inspired.  A quick glance at the existing treasury collections shows you the variety of items and themes that exist in Etsy,” says Gloria of Lolailo
  • It’s a way to make someone’s day and spread good karma; “I’m honored when I’m featured in one,” says Elizabeth of BetsyandBess
  • It’s a way to promote your shop – people who are featured and those who click on the treasury will often check out the curator’s shop as well
  • It’s a way to promote others – “having my own products featured on someone else’s profile page, under treasuries they’ve made is like free advertising for me” says Tiffany of PicnicBasketCrafts, and often times this can come back to promote your shop if people return the favor

From TanjaSova

Gloria of Lolailo offers these valuable tips when making treasuries:

  • Use the Poster Sketch Tool – “This allows you to ‘play’ with your treasury in advance, move items around, and modify it before it is ready to be published.”  Get the tool here
  • Read Etsy’s monthly merchandising tips to get an idea on what’s hot – “Treasuries just for fun are great, but if your goal is to get your treasury on the Front Page, then it behooves you to read the guidelines that Etsy’s Merchandising Desk puts forth every month.  Some of the topics for January are Resolutions, Winter Fashions, Knits, Calendars, Valentine’s Day, so if your treasury focuses on those themes and it is tagged appropriately, it is more likely to be seen by the Etsy Front Page people.”
  • Focus on others – “Be aware that if you make a treasury and include one of your own items in it, it is almost certain you will not be considered for the front page. â€œ
  • Join a treasury team –  â€œHow do YOU get to the front page?  The easiest way is to join a treasury team.”

From Lolailo

“It is very nice when people take their time (making treasury is time consuming, no doubt), to discover others, often stores without or less than 20 sales, and to expose their art,” says Tanja of TanjaSova, so be sure to show the curator some gratitude for the inclusion, leave some notes at the treasury page where you’re featured and help to promote it (i.e. your blog/facebook/twitter, even your shop).

Don’t forget to check the new Activity feed of your shop to see if you’ve been featured in treasuries (as some people don’t notify the members featured – this happens to me nearly every week).  And don’t forget that Treasuries you curate now show up on your profile page which lends to more promotion!

From PicnicBasketCrafts

Virtual Labs

I’ll be honest, I’ve never sat in on a virtual lab and no members responded with any feedback on them.  So in an attempt to school myself on this resource, I did a little research.

According to Etsy, “The Virtual Etsy Labs are a multi-user online space with various rooms. We use the Virtual Labs to connect with our community, host events, put on streaming webcam how-to’s, invite special shopping guests showing off their picks, host team meetings, demos, and shop critiques!”

At this moment there aren’t a lot of public labs scheduled for this month, but I have seen some incredibly interesting live-stream tutorials advertised in the past.  So if you want to able to converse with others in real-time, the virtual labs are worth checking out.

I was planning on including “Etsy Apps” in this post, but due to the plethora of them available, I’ve decided to give that topic its own space on my next turn with the business tips, so check back for some info on these options, including Etsy on Sale, Metricly, Statsy and Craftoplis – just to name a few of the popular ones among our fellow team members.

How else do Treasuries and Virtual Labs help out your Etsy business?  Please share!

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  1. Thanks for the tips… I’ve been trying to work on treasuries and i get so discouraged seeing the 30 people that looked at mine in 24 hours and the 3000 that looked at someone elses in 12!!!

  2. @Jenn – glad you found some new ideas/tips here!
    @Karen – well silly me for not mentioning the team meeting…I was thinking it in my head, just didn’t put in words, so thanks for putting it out there

    All – wordpress was acting a little wonky for me, but looks like all the links are working again; thanks so much for everyone’s contribution, it really adds to the piece to hear everyone’s perspective!

  3. A fabulous post, as usual.
    I didn’t get a chance to reply about Virtual Labs (VL) but our team uses VL to have our annual meetings. But there are many different types of workshops (for newbies) and ‘how-to’s’ on virtual labs. The team admin Morgan has “office hours” on VL and I try to attend whenever I remember. She uses video to ‘talk’ to us, an option I’m exploring to see if we can use for our next meeting. You can see and hear the moderator but the moderator can’t see the attendees :( But at least I can read your comments and questions and I can ‘speak’ instead of writing furiously all the time. It should be interesting.

    Aside from out meeting, it’s a great way to meet other Etsy sellers and is a place where you can be “seen”. If you sell on Etsy, which you are, you MUST attend at least one. There’s a little bit of a learning curve on how to use some of the options on the screen but once you learn it, it’s the same for all meetings and workshop.

    It’s fun. It’s informative. And it’s social too. You must try it!

    P.S. We will have our annual meeting in May or June, like last year. Of course, ya’ll are invited and I’ll post the date when we get near it.

  4. This is a fantastic resource article! Thanks for including me in it, I really appreciate it Jennifer :-) I also just found a brand new love – PicnicBasketCrafts! *waves hi* Those facial poofs you shared here are so rad and the whole shop is just full of awesomeness, I think I feel a shopping spree coming on!

    And now I am reminded of something I need to get to work on today…another new treasury! This one will probably include a big old helping of team members so I’ll be sure to share the link once its completed.

    But first, off to explore the Poster Sketch Tool…that sounds like a fun tool that makes treasury creation even easier (thanks for that Lolailo!)

    Looking forward to the next article on Apps :-)