Themed Nomination – Setting Your Intention for 2011!

I know, I know resolutions are easy to make and even easier to break!

Well, what if we were to choose a  theme for 2011 – something to focus our attention on and bring into your life? I am committed to making 2011  my year of “deciding” – no more procrastination, distractions and ‘settling’.

What would be a good theme for you in 2011? Health, Growth, Grace, Laughter, Peace, Commitment?

Choose a theme and then search out an amazing teamecoetsy item that represents your theme for 2011. Like this gorgeous upcycled poncho from Darryl Black looks like a theme of JOY to me!

Darryl Black Upcycled Poncho

You can do a tag search on Etsy for ‘all items’ and then type in ‘teamecoetsy’ to find an item or items you’d like to nominate for the week’s theme.

Please send your nominations by Etsy convo to Cat at Polarity

The deadline is 2PM EST Wednesday (tomorrow).

Winners will be chosen based on:

1. Picture Quality
2. Appropriateness to the Theme
3. Originality

Welcome to 2011 Eco Etsy!

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  1. If I can get out of the cold long enough to ever see the sun, something great might pop into my head. I concentrating on Eco, but seems a lot has already been done. I will continue to think.

  2. I am trying very hard to think of something new regarding Eco. I need a change this year, but do not know exactly what I am going to change. Maybe me!