Themed Nomination Winners – I Have a Dream

This week’s theme is “I Have a Dream” celebrating Martin Luther King Jr’s dream and our own dreams and this week’s winners are:

unlieusurterre happy to be at home bunting

Unlieusurterre’s  happy to be at home bunting nominated by MaryZoom who’s dream is to be at home creating – we hear you Mary Ellen!

nestle and soar's handmade peace, love and health pillow

 Nestle and Soar’s handmade pillow nominated by BrassPaperClip and representing Cindi’s dream of peace and love.

One Loom Studio sustainable silver leaf earrings

One Loom Studio’s silver leaf earrings representing simplicity to Jen of BugBabyDesigns.

Other amazing winners in no particular order are:

EcoEtsy Dream Winners

1. Ottoman nominated by BrassPaperClip 2. ButtersandBeans nominated by AnnyMay 3. NeenaCreates nominated by BrassPaperClip 4. Twig and Leaf Botanical nominated by Kootsac 5. Peaces of Indigo nominated by Tamdoll 6. Recycled Parts nominated by BrassPaperClip 7. This is it nominated by Tamdoll and 8. Uncorked nominated by Remainewicked – representing the dreams of love, peace, balance, a better world for our children and organization!

Thank you to everyone who has a dream and sent in their nomination!

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  1. Happiness to all.

  2. such a wonderful collection … peace to you all

  3. Sweet !
    Thank you all !