Themed Nomination Winners – Setting Our Intention for 2011!

Our team members are setting powerful intentions for 2011 and they include – abundance, prosperity, health, family time, love and compassion!

 This week’s amazing winners are:

feltbyfern recycled wallet (prosperity)

 FeltbyFern’s recycled wallet nominated by betsyandbess and representing the intention of PROSPERITY

chrissmith22 hemp produce bag (health)

Chrisssmith22′s hemp produce bag nominated by brasspaperclip and representing the intention of HEALTH

redorgrayart wood and paper collage (balance / strength)

Redorgrayart’s wood and paper collage nominated by lilfishstudios and representing BALANCE and STRENGTH

And the other amazing winners in no particular order :

Compassion, Health, Abundance, Family, Green Living, & Love

1. zjayne nominated by earnestefforts (personalized word can be COMPASSION), 2. loveforearth nominated by brasspaperclip (HEALTH), 3. kootsac nominated by brasspaperclip (HEALTH), 4. trillium artisans nominated by brasspaperclip (HEALTH), 5. greensprings0 nominated by 5Seed (ABUNDANCE), 6. ErinBit nominated by remainewicked (FAMILY, LIVING GREEN, OUTDOOR LIVING) 7. seafinddesigns nominated by darrylblack (LOVE), 8. jpharris nominated by brasspaperclip (HEALTH)

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  1. Oh thanks folks! Love the theme. May we all have a year of good health, balance, strength and, of course, prosperity on Etsy!

  2. What a great theme and collection.

  3. Congrats to all the winners! What a fun theme. Here’s the team treasury I made based on this week’s theme:

  4. oh this made my day.. what a very wonderful group of artistry and eco lovely here …thanks

  5. Awesome, thank-you so much! I saw those hemp produce bags in a treasury yesterday and noticed how fantastic they are – so nice to see them on our team front page today.
    Nice work Everyone!

  6. This is a great post, that I am ever so grateful (my intention) to be a part of. Thank you! Happy, happy, Joy, joy!!