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Batty’s Bath is a bath, body, and soap company from London, Ontario, Canada! With a goal of providing eco-friendly products.  Batty’s Bath is based on a love for pampering affordable luxuries and the belief that simple pleasure is found in the little things in life. Little things such as handcrafted bath & body products that are made from natural, skin loving ingredients and are actually good for your skin and the environment. Batty’s Bath is dedicated to going the extra mile and takes every detail into account from fair-trade natural ingredients, recycled & repurposed packaging, sustainable business practices, and creating products from scratch using old world soap making practices that were used for centuries and passed down from generation to generation. Embracing this old world charm reminds us that products made with love by someone who cares really does make the difference!


All-natural, green and ethical ingredients are very important to me. I choose to use local ingredients whenever possible so I can support our local economy.  I also use eco-friendly packaging and bio-degradable ingredients to lighten my foot print (and my products foot print) on the earth – “tread lightly” is one of my mottos. I also use cruelty free ingredients and most of my products are vegan friendly. When I can’t find ingredients locally (or when I’m skeptical about the sources of locally available ingredients) I source out ethically responsible Canadian suppliers who have “Fair Trade Compliant” ingredients. This means that profits go back to

the community, that environmentally friendly production methods are used, and that forced labor is not used. I couldn’t make my products any other way because it just wouldn’t feel right and I certainly wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I was part of the problem rather than the solution.


My cold press packaging is created from scrap “repurposed” fabric, trim, lace, bias tape, and other odds and ends. It also includes long lost buttons that often don’t have a match and were put away in a drawer thinking that they might be of some need again one day. No two soap packages are ever the same since the materials are gathered from people’s scrap piles.


The Story Behind Batty’s Handmade Draw-String Bags:

“My Grandmother used to make drawstring cloth bags every year for all of us at Christmas. They are what she wrapped all our gifts in. Now that my Grandmother has passed, my Mom has taken up the tradition! I knew this family tradition was too special not to share with my customers and thankfully my Mom agreed to take on the job of making all the bags for Batty’s Bath! I hope all of my customers enjoy these bags as much as my family does! The tradition is that the receiver uses the bag they receive to wrap gifts in the next year so the bag gets passed on to someone else. There’s always a good circulation of these bags going around in my family. Grandma, and now my Mom, keeps adding a few new bags to the pool every year so we never run out and always get a surprise fabric each year. Feel free to get creative with the handmade bag you receive with your Batty’s Bath order by using it to wrap gifts (good-bye wrapping paper!), or to store make-up, craft supplies, hair ties, and any other loose ends around the house that need a home. Make these bags your own and enjoy being apart of this ‘Batty Family’ tradition!” – Jamie (aka Batty)


A few different things inspire me. When it comes to picking scents, I love anything fruit or inspired by my favorite foods… sweets! When deciding what ingredients and products to carry, providing practical, ethical, eco-friendly, nourishing and totally pampering goods inspires me. Hearing that my products have helped someone in some way totally makes my day, whether it be nourishing dry hands, conditioning damaged hair, polishing their skin to perfection, or just making them smell super yummy!

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