In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

Winter still has a grip over much of the northern hemisphere but I’m noticing a lightness in the images I’ve found this week in our EcoEtsy Team Flickr group.  Can spring be far behind?


1. thread spool necklace, 2. Untitled, 3. 4 Ocean Sea Shells and Star Fish Up-Cycled Bottle Cap Magnets with Brown Organza Bag, 4. Cosmetic Bags, 5. Sample Bar – Calendula, 6. Cards Made from Vintage Maps, 7. organic baby set, 8. Forget Me Not – Shabby Chic Brooch, 9. Tiny travelers


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  1. What a beautiful collection. I love this color palette. What a lovely surprise to find my spool necklace here. Thanks so much. I am always inspired by my team mates’ creations and vintage finds. I love your idea for behind the scenes. I had just taken one today and included it in my daily blog post not 30 minutes ago! Sweet dreams everyone.