In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group

A glimpse into the behind-the-scenes, the ingredients, the process behind some of our EcoEtsy team members, as found in our Flickr group.  We may be known for what we create, but isn’t it interesting to get a glimpse at the people behind the products?  Check out more interesting photos in the Flickr group pool.

1. assistant, 2. shooting star, 3. Sushi, 4. Organic Hemp Seed, 5. 006, 6. poppy seeds, 7. Beet Apple Walnut Sandwich, 8. snap shot of timber in my workshop, 9. a corner of the table

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  1. this is a wonder filled [ and yummy ] collection .. I really like this feature!!

  2. Ah! I totally forgot I added that picture of me with the rainbow bag. I made that for my 16 yr. old brother to give to his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, from a pillow case, and that was the silly pic I sent him. Glad to be included! Love this post!

  3. This is fun! I love seeing what else everyone is up to.

  4. Lovely! Karen, I love the food pics!! :)

  5. Ha ha ha…..I can’t help but to notice how TWO of my FOOD photos ended up on this lovely collection. Can you tell what I’ve been doing instead of crafting? LOL.

    A nice glimpse of what Eco Etsy members’ behind the scenes look like…just as lovely as their final products! …except for my foods. ;P