Tuesday Treasury: Under the Root

‘The Woman who fell to Earth and landed in a Fairytale’ is the title of the winning treasury of our new weekly feature: Tuesday Treasury.

The curator Under the Root presented this brilliant treasury with the following poem:

“the world is growing with every breathe,
trees are shaking, clouds never regret.
all these finds are only a few from the land,
of devotion to love leaked out of their hands.”

Honorable Mentions also go to the following treasuries:

Denim all day every day by Linda Eve

To Love or to be Loved…….. by Monkeys on the the Roof

A Green Valentine’s Day by 5Seed

Thank-you all very much for your gorgeous treasuries – it was such a pleasure to look through them all.  Look out on the week-end for the announcement about next week’s Tuesday Treasury. The winning treasury receives an opportunity to have their shop badge featured for one week on our fabulous EcoEtsy website.

Congratulations Under the Root!

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  1. Really fun looking at the great treasuries all week!
    Great pick!

  2. Love the new treasury feature! :)

  3. Just stunning! What a gorgeous job and I love how you incorporated the poem into this whole theme! Bravo!

  4. Amazing treasury, truly creative theme and poem. Congratulations, UnderTheRoot! I loved browsing through all of the treasuries that were created for this first Treasury Tuesday event.

  5. LOVE all the treasuries I perused, and this one is exceptional. Great pick! The honorable mentions are also gorgeous. I don’t envy the judge of all of these! :)

  6. Lovely poem and treasury to match!

  7. fantastic treasury! and I see it made the FP! congrats!!

  8. Congratulations Under the Root! Love the treasury AND your shop!

  9. UnderTheRoot’s treasury is totally amazing and I am so happy that my demin treasury got a mention too. Great stuff, everyone!

  10. beautiful~

  11. love this treasury, happy to be a part of it!