We are getting better and better

We are excited to announce some great changes to our humble abode here on Eco Etsy’s site.

We have added some new tenants and moved the furniture around a little so that you can appreciate the comforts of our home better.

  1. As you have probably noticed, we’ve added a new feature called, {Tuesday Treasury} where a team member’s most creative and green treasury will be chosen to be featured on every Tuesday. And the winner’s badge for the week will be displayed on the right sidebar for a week, under Tuesday Treasury.
  2. Starting March, a feature called {Thoughts on Shops} will be featured on Thursdays. Team Eco Etsy is so lucky to have some amazingly creative  power sellers on Etsy who’s been very successful. Some of them have been featured on Etsy’s Featured Seller section and some of them have over 10,000 sales!! Those successful sellers will write an in-dept analysis of shops of members who volunteered to be reviewed. I tell ya, we have so many talented members with already awesome shops but they want to take this opportunity to improve their businesses even more. And we are so grateful that we’ll have this opportunity to learn from the reviews on how to manage our businesses and become more successful. Thank you reviewers and reviewees! All of you are so awesome to share your experience with us. Thank You!
  3. Our most popular {Eco-Tips and Eco-Tutorials} feature will move to Wednesdays so that we can help you start preparing for craft projects for the weekend, instead of reading about them on the weekend. I think this move will prepare our weekend plans better.

    Wrist Cuffs Made from Ties

  4. “Featured Member” will now be called, {Meet a Member} and will be featured on Sundays so that we can read about the talented members over Sunday morning coffee. This way, we can leisurely learn about our members’ shops at home, when we are not busy working in our own shops during the week. And we have some amazing shops that we can drool over. (Watch that coffee…..)
  5. Last but not the least, Eco Etsy is now mobile friendly! That means you can now read our blog on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any Smart Phone that you can browse the web with! The content is easier to load, titles are truncated, and the content images are easy to view. And you can leave comments right from your phone!

How. awesome. is. that?

If you don’t know how to load the icon on your phone, I wrote up a tutorial on my own blog here, (because ecokaren is also mobile friendly now) so check it out. It’s easy and very convenient to have an icon on your phone to click and view! We are still tweaking some features that you can read on your phone so bear with us while we try to move things around for your phone’s optimum viewing.

Oh, one more cool addition is our own QR tag. If you have Android or iPhone, you can scan this nifty code on your phone and get directly connected to our site. Now that is cool! You need an app on your phone to do this ….Mobile Tag for iPhone and ScanLife for Android to name a few.

The code will be on the sidebar for your future use.

And after you try to read it on your phone, please leave a comment or a suggestion.

Thank you for your constant support and readership. We love your visits and your comments. Your recognition of our greening efforts by reading our blog means that we are doing our job, and for that, we are truly grateful.

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About Karen Lee

As a former Captain of Eco Etsy and one of the current leaders for the team, I am really excited to be hanging out with like minded team members to share ideas on how we can leave the least amount of carbon footprint.

I sell eco-handmade and vintage goodies in my Etsy shop and consult small business owners on Karen Lee Consulting where popular Etsy Starter Kit is sold. And as a retired Chiropractor, I share natural health news and green tips on drkarenslee.com. Check out my past posts on Eco Etsy!


  1. I love the changes we have been making,especially Tuesday Treasury.

  2. I am so astounded at the enthusiasm of this group and so proud to be a member. If I had a fab mobile device I certainly would be using the new app, but alas in that regard I am still in the dark ages :) Very cool news though

  3. So excited about the new changes here! Glad to be a part of this team!

  4. Love all the new enhancements – we are just getting better and better. Love the mobile phone app – Now I can stay connected 24/7.

  5. Very exciting – love to see us evolving. 😉

  6. Well, how cool is that QR tag!
    BTW, it works!

  7. fantastic!! getting an iPhone soon and can’t wait to add EcoEtsy!

  8. very cool!!!

  9. Myra of HerbanLuxe says:

    This totally rocks. Not only can I read this on my iPhone I can comment as well. We are rocking and rolling. Upward and onward!

  10. Fabulous!!

  11. this is looking so exciting and progressive! thanks so much to everyone involved!

  12. This is AWESOME!!!!

  13. This is AWESOME!!!!!

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  16. How great! So glad to see EcoEtsy is constantly improving!

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