2011 Heart of Green Awards

I want to tell you about a website, the Daily Green www.Dailygreen.com.  It is a daily web paper billed as the ‘consumer’s guide to the green revolution’.   You can vote on their website for the “2011 Heart of Green Awards”.  Here’s the list of categories:

  • 2011 Heart of Green Awards: Full Coverage
  • Local Heroes
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Greenest Celebrities of the Year
  • Best New Innovations
  • Best Green Cleaners
  • Best Natural Food Lines
  • Best New Cookbooks
  • Best New Food Trends
  • Best Personal Care Products
  • Best Natural Beauty Products
  • Best New Sustainable Fashion Lines
  • Greenest New Cars
  • Best New Parks
  • Best New Trails
  • Greenest Big Universities
  • Greenest Small Colleges
  • Best New Restaurants
  • Each category has a list of nominees.  The reason for the nominee’s nomination is explained. I’ve learned a lot and I haven’t finished reading everything or voting.  There is an option for ‘Other’ in all categories, so this is an opportunity to get ecoetsians better known.   How else would they know about krugsecologic’s Botanical Face Serum? Or greenspring’s Eczema Body Butter, purabella’s soaps, or skindeep’s citronella lotion stick?

    As for sustainable fashion lines, you could vote for fashiongreentbags’ adult digni-bibs or Pierogi Picnic’s line of upcycled, remade fashions.

    On a different note, I am pleased to report that the store where I work has actually enacted one of the green ideas that I suggested!  There is now a recycling bin in the break room for aluminum cans.  A small victory, perhaps, but a victory none the less.  A new manager started this week, so I may have to suggest the others again.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m off to read!