In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

Welcome whales and wildflowers?  Kiss me, I’m the most improved irish turtle? 

What do you see here?  (You know, besides the fantastic eco-friendliness that is our team? )  These beauties were found in our team Flickr group, please stop by and have a look.

1. 2.23.11 … homemade stickers, 2. Walter – all together now, 3. Soft Organic Cotton Cowl, 4. Most Improved Bowling BAg, 5. Home Portrait on Wood Plaque, 6. miss_linen, 7. it’s a purple turtle, 8. Hemp Wristlet, 9. 4 Kiss Me I’m Irish Up-Cycled Bottlecap Magnets- Clovers and Lucky