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In light of all the trouble in the world these days, it was hope that I felt coming from the EcoEtsy Flickr Group this week.  Below is a sampling of images from our talented eco-crew that reflect a love of nature and a desire to be kinder to our earth and its inhabitants.   I hope they inspire a sense of hope and peace in you too.  Please stop by our group and have a look around at the other lovely images, and share in the comments what is giving you peace in these troubled times.

1. Honeycomb Greeting Card, 2. Black Swallowtail Larva on Fennel , 3. Jim – the slim card wallet, 4. Simple Fabric Flower, 5. for you, 6. Cagepics 021mod, 7. Crocheted purse, 8. The comet, 9. Spring Green Belt – Repurposed Materials

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  1. Sometimes, I think, we have so much information so quickly that it overwhelms the spirit. And then I fail to live my life fully and with gratitude.

    Good idea, Karen, to unplug. These photos are so restful and encouraging at the same time.

    My grandma used to say, “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken…” I love that saying and try to strong by focusing on what I CAN do for those who surround me. It is a great life.

  2. i thinks this grouping is lovely ..thanks for your saturday photos!!

  3. Love your message as much as the items on this collage. I spent the day yesterday unplugged. No blog, no facebook, no twitter, and no e-mails. It was a day of reflection and remembrance. I made treasuries in honor of Japan late last night and it was therapeutic. I am going to do the same for the Middle East later on tonight.

    We are the worst enemy sometimes but natural disasters make me humble.

    Let’s send some hope and love to all those suffering in the world.

    • Thanks Karen. When I looked at the pool of pictures this week, trying to determine a theme, these uplifting photos just struck me as seeming hopeful. I think your idea of reflection and remembrance is a good one. These times weigh so heavily on our minds that it’s nice to give pause and truly reflect.