Handmade for Earth Day Auction: Girls Night Out

A special night on the town is in order, and you deserve to celebrate! This amazing package is completely green and guilt free. It is packed to the nines with all the details!

You are bidding on the whole package. The numbers correspond to the donated item(s) by the seller. Click and visit the shops to see what other great eco-goodies these talented members carry.
(with sheep)

1. Pierogi Picnic- Apple-a-Day Dress (U.S. Med) ($46)
2. Zosimosbotanicals – Make Up Set ($40)
3. Amoronia – Fabric Flower Corsage ($16.50)
4. rraps- A Set of 3 Head Wraps ($20)
5. Karuski – A Wristlet ($32)
6. Fianaturals – Earrings ($25)
7. Fianaturals – Jewelry Set ($29)
8. 1shawfield – Patchwork Jacket (U.S. Med) ($50)
9. Bejeweled – Charm Bracelet ($35)
10. Strandredesign- Zippered Pouch ($19)
11. Lakeeriebeachglass – Pendant ($50)

Retail Value: $362.50
The Minimum Bid: $90
Bid Increment: $5 

Please leave your bid in the comment section below! The winner will be announced on Monday 18th!

*Please read the bidding guidelines on the bottom of the main auction page before bidding. All bids are binding, meaning, if you are the highest bidder you win the item and you must pay for the item. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Japan*

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  1. No bids yet?! I’ll get it started with $100.