In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

The change of seasons is bringing a change in light as well.  I noticed a sense of softness in the images in our team Flickr pool this week.  Here are but a few of the wonderful photos being shared in our group so be sure to stop by to see more.

1. love hearts eaten by bugs, 2. laurence olivier quote, 3. gentle bird, 4. large graphic floral pillow covers , 5. Mix and Match Four Pack, 6. Vintage Inspired Bird on Post Card- Small Rectangle Glass Pendant with Silver Plated Chain, 7. what became of Mr. Giraffe, 8. pure kona front 9×18, 9. OOAK polar fleece sweater with turtle neck – soft green

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  1. each one is really so filled with light ..great collection , thanks so much for including me in this post, I always look forward to your Saturdays!