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Dinner Time Chimes

Erin Thompson of Dinner Time Chimes in North Carolina has been crafting wind chimes from silverware and garden décor from other discarded items for over 15 years. She is wife to Gavin, the other half of the Dinner Time Chimes team, and mother to an 8 month old little dude and a mini-schnauzer, Daisy May.

* How did you get started in your chosen craft and what do you enjoy most about it?

I started making the chimes over fifteen years ago, when my daddy suggested that I give them a try.  Searching for silver-plate quickly became my focus as my family went to local flea markets.  I hand polish TONS of silverware, but I do find it relaxing to examine the unique patterns on the handles.  I love finding unique messages engraved on silver-plate and trying to think of why it was created.

* How do you make your craft or Etsy store eco-friendly?

Basically everything that we use in our creations is purchased at local flea markets, thrift stores, & auctions.  To keep our prices reasonable, we purchase the silverware that is so heavily tarnished that is almost unrecognizable as silver-plate. The only part of the chimes that is not recycled is the monofilament string, and that is because we want the chime to hang beautifully in our customer’s garden for many years to come.

* Where does the magic happen (craft room, garage, etc)?

I do most the assembling of the wind chimes in my craft room, but if the weather is nice I enjoy sitting out on the deck while I’m polishing the silverware.

* How has crafting impacted your life?

Crafting keeps me busier than most of my friends, and it also makes me the one who is most likely to get a call requesting that I make or sew something for them.  Wouldn’t have it any other way!

* In one word, describe your creative process.

LOUD (literally)

* What are you currently working on?

I got WAY behind with my silverware polishing after becoming a mommy, but I’m slowly catching up.

* What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the gardens I imagine my customers having.

* What is the most eco-friendly purchase you have made?

My most recent eco-friendly purchase was this awesome tote bag I found on Etsy while searching for unique “goat” items.  Buffalo Creek Farm is my parents’ farm and I’m always looking for fun gifts for them!

* Where else can you be found online?




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  1. Long been an admirer of your work. Lovely to see you here.

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    Enjoy your shop a lot!!

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    ( and TeamEcoEtsy) and loved reading about your studio and your creative process!