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I am Celyn Nicholson  from “Un lieu sur Terre” (a place on earth), but pretty PLEASE call me Lila! I was given that name by a good friend and I have been using it ever since! My husband of nearly 10 years, Peter, our two girls (5 and 8 years old) and I have been living  near Paris, France for almost 4 years now after being in California for seven. We came back to France following Peter’s work, but we hope to go back to the US within two years.

How did you get started in your chosen craft and what did you enjoy the most about it ?

It all started in France. Before I children, in my spare time, I was a ceramist (“Raku” techniques learned in Vallauris) and a sculptor, and I was selling my wares at local Craft fairs during the summer and Christmas time. I moved to the US after meeting Peter. During my first pregnancy I took a fantastic mixed media painting class, which lead to my learning encaustic painting. In our relocations back to my home country, France, I discovered two plastic totes full of vintage bed linen from my grandmother.  I wanted to upcycle them to cushion covers for our new home, so I did what I always do: I incorporated techniques that I learned at different stages in my life. In the end, my finished pieces always tell a positive story to refresh our spirit and boost our energy, with an underlying “green message” somewhere.

How do you make your craft or Etsy store eco friendly?

I believe in creating a business that does its part to create a sustainable future. No matter how small a part I may get to play in this future, I have an opportunity to use eco-friendly materials and choose to do so, therefore I only works with eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based inks.

In one word describe your creative process.


How has crafting impacted your life and vice versa?

I am a self-taught learner, so I have collected quite a lot of books and magazines over the years about crafting, natural parenting, crafting with kids, and green living. I try to teach my girls that they can learn to make things by reading books and then experimenting. Creating taught me to believe in myself. It is not about selling (though when it happens it is highly appreciated), it is about doing what you love and loving what you do.

Where does the magic happen?

I got blessed when we found our current house, as it has a separate building with 3 rooms. The first room is my husband’s office and older daughter’s desk. The second one is my space for “dry goods” (fabrics, mixed media materials, various supplies, books, sewing machine). It can be a challenge to keep things organized as it is a fairly small room.  The third is bigger and accommodates the girls art supplies and a folding desk for my youngest. This room is more “tooled” for messy works as there is a sink, no rug and lots of light. This is where I have my cutting board + ironing board (simply because I could not have them in my “dry room”), all  my screen printing materials,  my easel and my modeling stand.

What are you currently working on?

Making new screens for “We are all connected”, my new limited series. I changed my  products/materials lately and I am struggling to adapt to the changes…screen making is not my favorite part. I enjoy the drawing part and the actual screen printing part a lot more!

I just made my first wall panel that is a part of Team Eco Etsy’s Handmade for Earth Day Auction (running now, so go place your bid!)

What is the most eco friendly purchase you have made?

Our Christiana trike to get around town.

Where else can you be found online?

website : www.unlieusurterre.com

blog: www.unlieusurterre.blogspot.com

Fan Page : www.facebook.com/unlieusurterreshop

twitter : @unlieusurterre


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  1. i am late to the party but so happy to meet you ..you are so very artistic!! I so enjoy seeing where people create!

  2. Great interview, thanks Celyn. I loved peeking in your studio.