The Final Winners of Handmade for Earth Day Auction


The Winner for…

is Mary of Herban Lifestyle again!

is Lindsay Stroud of Felbyfern

is Bobbie of Now Vintage

Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!

This auction COULD NOT have been possible without these generous donors. THANK YOU for donating your fabulous eco-goodies.

1shawfield, Amoronia, Anny May, Antique to Chic, BeJeweledNH, Belle Terre, Betsy and Bess, Blossom Pads, Bugbaby, Claudiascreation1, Curly Monkey, Darrylblack, Ditsy Gypsy, Dustbincards, Earlybirdjewels, Earnest Efforts, Earth Grown Crayons, Ecokaren*, Elsje Boer, Fianaturals, Garbaje, Growing Up Wild, Herban Lifestyle, Hop Frog Pond (a.k.a. Greener Frog), Inkyspider, Karen Meyers, Karuski*, Kootsac, Lake Erie Beach Glass, Lil Fish Studios, Little Friend (a.k.a. 4pippi), Love For Earth, Make Shop Live, Mamitas Creations (a.k.a. Nelson Melle), Manila Extract, Monkeys On The Roof*, My Posh Pads, Neena Creates, New Jersey Knits, Nikki Designs, Oliver Henry, One Shade Greener, Paper Disciple, Pierogi Picnic, Picky*, Posh Pads, Recycled Parts, Red or Gray Art, rraps, Rustic Carvings, Sanguinaria, Simply Nu, SMB Design, Someday Sarah, Stitch N Spoon, StrandRedesign, Tanjasova, The Art of Zen Crochet (a.k.a. chrisssmith22), The Familee Jewels, Unlieusurterre, Vintage Renewal, Woodyloo, zJayne, Zosimos Botanicals

Congratulations and “Thank You” go to the following winners:
FeltbyFern, Growing Up Wild, Herban Lifestyle, Jill Ruth, Now Vintage, Polarity (and Uncorked), smb design,

A Special “Thank You” go to:

Primelia of Monkeys on the Roof, Minna of Karuski and Elly of Picky,  and for their tireless hours of work on this auction. Without their coordinated efforts amidst their busy schedule, the auction would have NOT been possible. THANK YOU!!!

Finally, to our members and fans who promoted this auction, our deepest gratitude go out to you. I know our auction was a HUGE success all due to your efforts to spread the word. Thank You!

We raised $1000 to be donated to Habitat for Humanity Japan thanks to ALL of you!

THANK YOU and see you next year!!

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  1. Hooray!
    And to whom do I send Yukki the paper mache bird?

  2. Yay! I’m excited to hear that I won the kids’ auction AND that our team raised so much money for a great cause.

  3. Yay! We did great! Twice as much as last year!

    Thanks for the posting Karen!

  4. WooHoo!! Very exciting! Thanks to all of those who donated… Great Work Eco Etsy!

    (pls pass along payment dets too, thx!)

  5. Great!! I am so excited! How do I pay? I can’t remember seeing anything about this part..