{Business Tips} 5 Tips for an Outstanding Marketing Campaign


This week’s business tip is courtesy of our very own Sonya Kanelstrand of Organic Living by Kanelstrand.

Did you know? When you were starting your online business, you have to do more than create, photograph & list your fabulous products; you also have to act as your

own marketing manager. Here are 5 essential tips for an outstanding marketing campaign that will provide you with long-lasting results:

1. Connect to bloggers with similar background and interests

Find blogs that tickle your fancy and start reading them. Post meaningful comments whenever you really have something original to say. Flooding the comment board with one sentence replies finishing with your blog address will not help you make friends.

Make it a habit to post about 10 comments a day. It requires a lot of concentration, but you need to create a social circle out there! Subscribe to the thread you commented on. Someone might respond to you enabling you to elaborate and deepen the conversation.

2. Research your competition and learn from them

the Internet gives you access to even more information than you need. Never before has it been so easy to understand what your competition is doing. Go out there, find people in your business and study everything you are interested in. Follow their Etsy shops, their blogs, their Facebook fan pages. See what sets them apart and how they achieve success. Do not copy them, just pick whatever suits your philosophy, sleep on it, add some of your personality and you will be surprised by the inspiration that will come over you.


3. Make bloggers talk about you

Blog posts and shared links on the Internet are what word of mouth in real life is. Well, make something interesting – share it openly, allow people to use it and they will be happy to show it to their readers. Feature an artist you admire, or respond to a post in a blog you are reading with a post by yourself, link back. In this way you will be doing what you want done for yourself and you will trigger a chain effect. Internet etiquette requires you to inform the person you have written about, which by all means will increase your traffic and maybe get you mentioned in their blog as well!

4. If you are not sure what to do – browse the forums

The artistic community on Etsy is a never ending source of information and inspiration. Jump on the forums and read as much as you can. You will learn amazing things! If you feel overwhelmed with the plethora of information, step back and let your mind settle for a week or a month.  This will help you will see that after a while everything you read will fall into place by itself and will start coming out as ideas ready to happen!

5. Be patient

Research shows that it takes at least 6 months to build a fruitful Internet relationship. Be consistent and considerate, and don’t forget that in the end the love you take is equal to the love you gave!


About Sonya.

Sonya is an EcoEtsy team, a photographer, a writer and a designer. She lives with her family in a pine forest by the sea, where most of her inspiration comes from. She likes the close touch of nature, the colors of autumn and the smell of the sea.  Sonya tries to live sustainably and to impact the environment minimally by using local, non-toxic or recycled materials. In her blog, Organic living by Kanelstrand, Sonya shares easy to follow technical tutorials and eco tips, and discusses her views on reducing, reusing and recycling.


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