{News and VIews} Global Fair Trade Awareness: Bringing Fair Trade Home

Fair Trade Pararayo seed necklace from Omnatura

Most of us have heard of Fair Trade coffee, but “Fair Trade” is much more than coffee, it’s a sustainable, economically responsible, and globally crucial way of life.

So, what is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade encompasses a vast array of products from producers across the globe, many residing in the most fragile places on our beautiful earth. Fair Trade ensures that these producers have a safe and healthy working environment, and that they are taken care of.

Fair Trade isn’t just about price, it’s about humanity.

Our global economic crisis, climate change and food crisis affect the world’s most vulnerable populations the hardest. More than a third of the world’s population live in poverty; 2.7 billion people live on two dollars a day. Our global crisis confirms the need for a fair and sustainable economy—both locally and globally, and for trade to provide sustainable livelihood to small producers.

Buying Fair Trade products, and supporting Fair Trade makes this possible!

World Fair Trade Day

That said, each year on the second Saturday of May, a global fair trade festival occurs, called the World Fair Trade Day. This year on May 14th, millions of small producers, farmers, artists and consumers will celebrate World Fair Trade Day by reaching out to their communities with events and awareness activities. Get over to their website to find out more, and to sign the declaration to keep and make trade fair!

There are some beautiful Fair Trade handmade goodies from EcoEtsy team members, to help get you and your home eco-friendly and Fair Trade!

A pretty purple lace agate ring from 2trickpony…

Pretty Purple Lace Agate Ring from 2trickpony

And this inspiring bracelet from Peacesofindigo…

Fair Trade Hope Bracelet from Peacesofindigo

All of these pretty pieces are Fair Trade, sustainable and made with love. These are only a few of the conscious handmade items you can find through EcoEtsy!

Remember, if we can shift the values of the marketplace, we can change the world!

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  1. We have an amazingly TALENTED team!
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