Eco Etsy Meet Up

Pictures are worth a thousand words so here are some photos from our inaugural Eco Etsy Meet Up that was held at Etsy Headquarters on Friday June 24th.

Eco Etsy Meet up in Etsy Lab, Brooklyn, NY

Myra (Herban|Luxe), Tia (Primrose Press), Katherine (Reiter8) and Corey (Sansmap) were amazing in organizing the event and putting up with me and my bazillion e-mails. Thank you guys for being the gracious hostesses with the mostesses! See our own banner that Myra was able to negotiate? Isn’t it purrrdy???

From L to R: Monica, EatGreen, Nat, K.C., Cheyne, Mary, Fia, Corey, Katherine, Lori, Karen, and Myra

It was an intimate meeting of 11 members who were brave enough to fight through Friday afternoon NYC traffic to get to Brooklyn. There were a few members who couldn’t attend due to last minute snags but those who were able to make it took planes, trains, buses, (but no boats!) and automobiles. And we were so glad they made it…even if some took over 3 hours!! It was great to see members who we read about and chat online, in person. And to learn how to make handmade journals from Tia too!

Tia's Bookbinding Tutorial

Members mingling and making.

Etsy admins (from top left clockwise) Vanessa, Danielle, and Morgan were at hand to help us feel welcome and we couldn’t have had a better meet up without their hospitality. Morgan was especially appreciative of “The Basket” of goodies from the team.

(from top left, clockwise) Kimm and Frank, Morgan and Monica, Nat and Morgan, my daughter’s journal.

We WILL have annual Meet Ups from now on – and possibly traveling around the country – so if you missed it this year, make sure to attend the next one, wherever it might be!

And for those of you who missed seeing it on LIVEStream (Thank You Patrick for filming and putting us up on LIVEStream! You rock!), the video of Tia’s tutorials and member interviews will be available for viewing, staring Monday June 27th on LIVEStream.

Also, did you hear about the giveaway that’s going on RIGHT NOW? It will close tonight so enter to win one of the journals we made. Check here for details.

Eco Etsy Team’s Meet Up was a historic event, even for Etsy as we were the first team ever to hold a meet up at its headquarters. And they want to hold more meet ups like this in the future. Imagine…a new event making for Etsy, all because of us! We rock!!

See you next year!!

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About Karen Lee

As a former Captain of Eco Etsy and one of the current leaders for the team, I am really excited to be hanging out with like minded team members to share ideas on how we can leave the least amount of carbon footprint.

I sell eco-handmade and vintage goodies in my Etsy shop and consult small business owners on Karen Lee Consulting where popular Etsy Starter Kit is sold. And as a retired Chiropractor, I share natural health news and green tips on Check out my past posts on Eco Etsy!


  1. Wow! That looks like it was a really great event! This California girl wishes I could have been there to join the party and meet all of you wonderful green folks:)

  2. Oh, what a fabulous wrap-up! Thank you so much for letting me be an honorary teamie for the night. I had a absolute blast. Keep up the awesome work you guys!!


    • Hi Cheyne,

      It was so nice of you to join us. I appreciated our chat. And I will definitely keep Dallas in mind when we have our next Meet Up and hit you up for a joint gig. Thanks!!

  3. I would love to be there!!

  4. Thanks so much for putting this together Karen, Myra, Tia, Katherine and Corey. It was wonderful to see all of you in person, and to meet all the great Etsy admins. I’m already looking forward to the next meetup!

  5. I know. I felt bittersweet uploading these photos and writing this post. I really wanted ALL of you to attend but I know it’s just impossible. But we missed you all.

    I am going to make sure the next ones are near you so that you all can attend. It’s so great to finally connect the faces to the members shops.

    I uploaded more photos on the team’s facebook wall. Hope you’ll get a chance to go see them.
    Hope to see you next time!! :)

  6. It was really great to meet everyone who was able to attend. Karen, you are a bright and energetic leader – Thank you!

    It was really fun to have a crafting element and to learn how to make beautiful books – Thanks Tia!

    I really hope that this event becomes an annual traveling tradition so others who live close(ish) to each other can have the same opportunity.

    • Katherine,

      Thank You so much for taking charge of the food and drinks. They were great and the presentation was just perfect! Didn’t get to taste Brooklyn Ale but thank you so much for being such a great host, Brooklyn style!

      More Meet Ups in NYC is a must!

  7. happy to see the photos .. glad it was a success !!

  8. This was great!!! We are so lucky to have an active team that is constantly doing new things. Thank you Karen for being our fearless leader!!!

  9. Thank-you for keeping us ‘in the loop’ about this meet-up. I wish I could have been there – maybe I can make it over the border for one closer to home in the future.

  10. I am SO sad that I missed it! On the plus side, all the graduation festivities here were a blast. Next year I will be atending, no question!

  11. Such an amazing evening – meeting everyone in person was so much fun, and the most gigantic thanks to everyone who made the evening at the Etsy labs possible !! I hope to be part of many more Eco Etsy events to come!!
    Best wishes from Brooklyn,
    Corey // Sans Map

    • Corey,
      I cannot believe it was your wedding anniversary and you came out to the Meet Up! Thank YOU!!!

      I am keeping your tour guide for future reference.

      And, another NYC Meet Up is in order!!

  12. Thank you for posting these pics and story. Thrilled everyone had so much fun!!!

  13. twigandleaf says:

    awesome you guys! I wish I could have made it out!

  14. great job everyone!!
    how awesome!
    and that studio is making me drool…oh to have so much space!

  15. It was great to see the photos from the meet up!
    A lovely bunch of sustainable women!

  16. Oh, how fun! I looked at the pictures with a mixture of awe and envy. Hopefully I can make it to next year’s Meet-up!