EcoEtsy Meet Up Giveaways!

We are hosting our first ever EcoEtsy Meetup at Etsy Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY today, Friday, June 24th from 6pm – 8 pm.  Join us via LIVE Stream starting at 7 PM EST, for your lucky chance to win some awesomest prizes. We will be hosting two simultaneous giveaways.



We have some fun prizes lined up for you. We will be giving away FIVE (5) Ad Spots along with some fun gifts .  Ads will run for one week on our EcoEtsy blog.  You must be watching the live broadcast  of our event via Etsy’s Livestream to play.  When you hear one of the 5 secret words be the correct TWEETER # and win.


Bamboo 4                Catnip 8

Yuppers 9          Scuttlebutt 6

Biff 5




Here are the rules:

  1. You must be watching our event which will be live on Etsy’s LIVEStream to hear the secret word
  2. When you hear one of the 5 secret words, you must TWEET the secret word with an @EcoEtsy mention and #ecoetsymeetup (example: secret word “hash” would be tweeted “hash @ecoetsy”).
  3. Be the correct TWEEP number to win. The number next to the secret word is the correct TWEEP number.
  4. Winner will be announced on Twitter by their Twitter handle. They will also be posted on our Blog and Facebook Page by Monday, June 27th.

Additional giveaway rules

  1. You have to be an Etsy Shop Owner 18 years old or older
  2. No purchase is necessary
  3. The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.
  4. You can ONLY Enter via Twitter


Journal by Primrose Press

EcoEtsy Handmade Journal Giveaway

We will be giving away a Handmade Journal (similar to the one pictured above) created by one of our fabulous EcoEtsy team members during our meetup. AND an ad spot for a week!!

To enter, complete the entry form on this giveaway link and follow our giveaway rules. The entry form will also be available on our Facebook Page and on Twitter

::: You MUST be a subscriber to Eco Etsy Blog to enter the giveaway :::

Link to Enter Giveaway:

  1. You have to be 18 years old or older to enter the giveaway.
  2. The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE to everyone.
  3. Purchase is NOT necessary to enter the giveaway.
  4. This giveaway will end at 11:59PM (EST), Sunday, June 26th and the winner will be announced on Monday, June 29th.
  5. If you are a winner, contact Karen within 48 hours after the giveaway ends, and wait for instructions on how to claim your prize.
  6. The Team Eco Etsy reserves the right to delete an entry if it does not follow the guidelines listed above.

Have fun and Good Luck!!

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