{Eco Tip} Last Minute Green Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19. If you are like me, it sneaked up this year and just popped out of nowhere leaving me unprepared.  But fortunately, there are many last minute ways to give green gifts for Dad. If you can order them online in time to be delivered, great, but if not, you can still give him that special gift that he’d remember.

ecofriendlytip recommends some great green gadgets for any gift-giving occasion but these two might be perfect for dads.

1. The first item is a green daily planner for those of us who still don’t have a fancy phone.  If you know someone technologically challenged  and who keeps appointments by paper, this is a great way to save a tree or two!   Ecologix on Amazon has this beauty for the very low price of $5.95:


2. Need to recharge? How about using solar energy?  This Power Monkey from Amazon.com is just the right accessory for Dad’s power needs!


3. Of course there are other ways to be green too. Check Craigslist in your area for great items that have been gently used. I’m on my way right now to get a great deal on a bike rack for our pop-up tent camper. I’m saving money, making my husband happy and being green all at the same time!

4. Check your local Goodwill Store or a thrift store for your vintage loving Dads for ties and vinyl albums. You’ll be supporting your local chapter while reusing and recycling gifts that are cheap and vintage-y.

5. But the best gift of all is spending quality time with your Dad who may not need ‘stuff’ but need some R & R. Do some of the chores for him, like taking his car to be washed at a car wash for a month. Or giving him a massage.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy or filled with fancy gifts. They just need to be reminded how we appreciate them and how much we love them.

What is your plan for this Father’s Day?

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  1. What can I say Father’s day completely sneaked up on me by the looks of it.
    But love the article and have to get my act together :)

  2. Great ideas! My local Goodwill is awesome, and often has amazing finds. When I was there last week, they were playing an announcement touting how many tons of stuff they save from going into landfills everywhere — they are definitely targeting the green shopper.

    Also, I would recommend eBay’s World of Good. It features tons of sustainable, fair trade businesses and they have a Father’s Day gift guide on their front page. (Full disclosure, I am one of the merchants, but I am also a huge fan of their offerings).

    Happy Father’s Day!