How to Green Your Summer Travel


If you are traveling to somewhere for the Fourth of July holiday, or a vacation destination sometime this summer, you have probably already begun or completed your traveling so it is probably too late for you to read this post, right?  Wrong! This is great advice for all whether you’ve traveled yet or not. We all know that however we get around (with the exception of walking or riding a bicycle) we are responsible for carbon emissions somewhere along the line.

If you have not yet begun your travel plans for your vacation consider traveling by car or train if you can.  If you can not because of time constraints and/or distance being traveled (It is very difficult to drive or take a train across the ocean…) airplane travel can be a necessity.  What do you do then?

Consider buying carbon credits!

Companies and non-profit groups like Terrapass, Climate Care, MyClimate, Native Energy, and American Forests all offer ways to offset the damage done when you travel by any means of transportation!

Green your travels by purchasing your carbon credits and help green the environment from your travels!


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