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This week’s featured member is Katy (or Kate) Reiser of KnitStorm.com. She is located in a college town in Southern New Jersey, where she cohabitates with her map-loving, red-bearded husband, her sweet bus-obsessed little boy of one and a half years, and a sleepy kitty who shows her face now and then.

* How did you get started in your chosen craft and what do you enjoy most about it?

For years I wanted to learn how to knit. Both my Mom and Grandma knitted and I was in awe of the items they made. About 6 years ago I took the initiative and bought a knitting how-to kit and dove right in to teach myself how to knit (my Mom and Grandma lived too far away to teach me at that point). It has evolved from there into more advanced knitting, learning how to crochet, embroidery, etc. There’s something peaceful and strangely familiar in the act of knitting, and it had me hooked from the start. To this day I feel completely at ease with a pair of needles in hand.

*What inspires you?

The simple things in life bring me happiness and comfort in their regularity.

* How do you make your craft or Etsy store eco-friendly?

When it comes to my craft, I aim to use natural materials as often as possible (i.e. cotton, wool, etc). I will also use recycled yarn that has been repurposed from old sweaters. I find recycled yarns to have a lot of character, and always lament when I’m through with a skein, as it’s most likely I’ll never get another one exactly like it. I also aim to use shipping materials that can be recycled or biodegrade on their own. I prefer to walk to the Post Office, or my husband (who bikes to work) mails things out for me. Cutting back on waste wherever possible is a must for my business and home life.

* Where does the magic happen?

Right in the living room! I have a shelf full of all of my supplies set up next to the couch, and I go to town knitting and embroidering, while Netflix plays an old school episode of Doctor Who or something of the sort.

* What are you currently working on?

Just keeping my shop stocked. I like to mix it up. I will always keep top-selling cozies available in the shop, and I like to make cozies from different yarns and with new sayings as well.

* In one word, describe your creative process.


* How has crafting impacted your life?

It quickly turned into an obsession for me, and I’m so thankful an outlet like Etsy exists that allows me to create and reach a market of people who appreciate and would like to purchase the items I make!

* What is the most eco-friendly purchase you have made?

I’m thinking my son’s cloth diapers may possibly be the most eco-friendly purchase I’ve made to date (most I’ve purchased from KellysCloset.com). If I can get even more use out of them in the future (on another kid or two), then I know they will have done quite a bit to avert MANY disposable diapers from the landfill.




* Where else can you be found online?






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  1. Thanks so much to the team for featuring my shop and for all of your kind comments! <3 this team!!

  2. Enjoyed reading about you and your knitting passion! Enjoyed your shop and how you have your items organized by color – so beautiful! Best of luck!!!

  3. what a wonderful interveiw , I so admire anyone who can knit such cute and useful items!!

  4. Kate was also the leader of the EcoEtsy team (after Tara and before Karen – some of you may remember). Kate, you should be proud of the part you’ve played in EcoEtsy too:)
    Your shop is looking wonderful and it has been an inspiration to watch you succeed so nicely with your cute coffee and tea mug cozies.

  5. Love what you are doing. Your baby is so cute.