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From magazine stands to reality television, couponing has become the new fad. The economy looks and feels bleak, regardless of what politicians say, and many families find it hard to merely stay afloat. Saving a few bucks on groceries may implore a glance from the casual shopper but once you take the time to do some digging, couponing may save upwards of 50% off of your next bill. And while some boast better savings even winning free groceries once the coupons have been used, healthy couponing may keep your savings a tad lower than most, but you’ll have quality food at great prices.

What Can I Buy?

Once made up of mostly T.V. dinners, ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese, most coupons now encompass all eating styles. Various yogurts, humus, organics, cage-free eggs and even produce now graces the Sunday coupon ads. Even health food stores are  cashing in on the fascination by offering deals that can be combined with manufacturer coupons doubling the savings. The best way to look for great finds is to start with your favorite stores. Sunflower Markets, Sprouts and Whole Foods are just a few stores that will accept coupons. Whole Foods offers its own coupons as well. There are some great specials for Greek Yogurt, health bars (think Luna and Clif) and even crackers and chips.

Where Can I Find Deals?

Many of your favorite stores already have couponers who have done the groundwork for you. Surviving the Stores has a great deal matcher for Sunflower Markets which includes coupon deals as well as weekly deals on produce and pantry finds. Your Green Helper helps you save at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Earth Fare. It’s also a great idea to look up your favorite brands online since most companies offer coupons and even have sign-ups for future couponing and saving events. This allows shoppers to save at any store carrying their favorite healthy products. Peruse sites like Amazon.com for your favorite foods and look for subscription deals. These will usually offer free shipping and greater savings. If you change your mind you can always cancel the subscription. This is a great way to stock up on bulk items like granola bars, organic milk cartons and pantry items.

Ideas for Savings Windfalls

If you’re wondering what to do with all those the savings, well you could use them to make even healthier choices. If you usually shop at the grocery store for produce, think about using coupon savings from toiletries and home products to pay for a share of your local CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture). Many require the season to be paid in advance and the savings will help quicken the process so your family can enjoy close-grown fruits and veggies even sooner. Better yet, take the savings and invest in some gardening supplies to start your own garden. Even tiny apartment patios can sport a wicked large produce crop. Invest in GMO-free seeds or try to locate heirloom seeds that can be traced. It’s great to know the family history of the seeds you grow. You might even find some coupons to save on soil and seeds. Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

Do you clip coupons? What has been your most exciting shopping savings adventure?

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  1. I’ve noticed store circulars (safeway) now starting to alert you that something they have on sale also has a mfg coupon in that weeks paper for more savings. I also use couponmom – many stores are listed and tell you what is on sale and what coupon you could use to maximize savings. Don’t forget to carry all your coupons with you. Check out my stylish fabric organizers over at etsy – search for glowgirl – and you’ll find me!

    I also love Jill Cataldo’s web site – a treasure site of great info on savings!!

  2. MamboSprouts.com and Eating Well.com are good resources for coupons on organic and natural products as well!

  3. Dont’ forget you also have the option of using and setting up coupon codes for your Etsy Shops! This can be a great way to attract new customers! Everybody loves a deal!! Thanks for the budget friendly post!

  4. Sometime the idea of using coupons seem a little overwhelming. Therefore it is great to know that using just a few coupons is fine and helps save a few bucks to use in other places. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful information about couponing. Smiles, Paula