{Business Tips} Decoding Your Etsy Shop Stats

Esty Shop Stats Link

Esty Shop Stats link

Last week we wrapped up our Etsy SEO post series with a post on one of Etsy’s most recent and talked about change – the move from Recency to Relevancy when it comes to searches.

In the whole Etsy revamp, you may have noticed the NEW Shop Stats link found under the Orders section of your shop admin panel. This little link offers a plethora of information at a glance.

Why is this a big deal? Well, believe it or not – tracking one of the  most important things you must do for your website, after SEO optimization.  It’s not enough to have a shop with some awesome products. When it comes to the Wild Wild Web, if you build it..its not a guarantee that they will come. So you want to make sure you are in the know about your visitor’s webtrends when it comes to your shop.

Tracking allows you to:

  • See how many people visited your site
  • What keywords they used to get there
  • How often they come back
  • What pages are looked at
  • Which pages aren’t really being looked at
  • How long are they hanging out
  • Which page drops visitors
  • What percentage of your visitors turn into customers
  • How many visitors are really buying

If you’ve struggled to understand your Google Analytics, the new Etsy shops stats are sure to be a breath of fresh air. Etsy Shop Stats are a user-friendly, strip down alternative to Google Analytics that are easy to understand.  At a glance you can see:

  • the number of views you’ve received based on the timeline you’ve chosen,
  • the number of favorites you’ve received as a whole then broken down by shop and listing favs,
  • the number of orders you’ve had during a given time, and
  • your total revenue for the selected timeline.
New Etsy Stats

Etsy Stats at a Glance

This initial information is awesome, but scroll down a bit and you’ll strike gold when you discover your TOP TRAFFIC SOURCES (from external sources, backlinks), TOP TRAFFIC FROM SOURCES ON ETSY (internal sources, which pages are viewed) and TOP KEYWORDS (SEO baby).

Top Traffic Sources and Keywords

Top Traffic Sources and Keywords

Knowing is only half the game.  The trick is to take this information and do something with it. Understanding where your visitors are coming from helps your marketing efforts. For example, I can see that my Facebook Page  (FB) does send some traffic my way even though I’m not as attentive to my FB page and fail to post regular updates. I wonder what would happen if I posted regular updates on my Facebook page? Would traffic from that source increase? Visitors are also coming from Google.com, which is a signal that my SEO efforts are paying off.  I also see that there are a few external sites linking to my shop, I may want to check out those sites and see how they are linking back to me and maybe ask them to use Anchor Text (if they aren’t already) to link to my shop.

At a glance you can also see what products your visitors are looking for when they reach your shop by their keyword searches.  You can in turn use these keywords as a platform for your Etsy SEO. Additionally, you can begin to build an M.O. for your customers.  Who you define as your key customer may not be the same next month so keep a close eyes on this for shifts in trends.

However, as wonderful as these stats are, they are not all inclusive. You aren’t able to see how long visitors are hanging out in your shop.  You want visitors to check out one product and then be curious enough to click around and check out your other shop products.

You also are unable to see how many of your visitors are shop-repeaters and what pages they are landing on and leaving from.  That’s where Google Analytics is the top player in the whole stats game.  All in all though, I’m really digging Etsy’s New Shop Stats and I hope to see Etsy add new features to this tool for us shop owners.

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  1. Great post Myra! I really like how these stats show what is happening inside of Etsy and can be used to tweak shop strategies. I’ve been wondering in all the stats (including Google Analytics) if they can detect what the shop owner is doing on the site and remove that activity from the numbers. I’m not sure if my counts / trends are including what I’m updating in my shop or excluding it. Do you have any insight on that?

    • Great Question! If you are logged on to your shop, Etsy will not track your activity as traffic, however when you are not logged on your visit will count as traffic. As for Google Analytics, you have to set it so that it will exclude your IP address as being counted as traffic. Hope this helps