{Eco Tutorial} Labor Day Craft Party

If you’re looking for a fun twist for your upcoming Labor Day soiree then you’re reading the perfect post! Rather than bringing friends over for the typical lunch and loitering, put those pals to work and teach them how to get crafty with an eco-friendly spin.

Make the most of your guests’ day by planning a breakfast or brunch instead of a late day affair. Not only will you be more likely to have a great turn out – you’ll save electricity by not requiring artificial lighting!

Serve a conscious and tasty meal by shopping for ingredients at the farmer’s market, skipping the meat, and using items from your garden. If you’re doing brunch try making mini asparagus goat cheese quiches and pairing them with a refreshing watermelon rum mint salad. Pick up a bag of fair trade coffee at your local cafe, brew it early, and pour it over ice for a perky yet refreshing beverage. And for dessert, serve personal yogurt parfaits with seasonal berries and homemade granola.

Once your guests are fed and happy get their creative juices flowing with simple eco-friendly crafts! You can find a ton of fun and easy tutorials here on the EcoEtsy blog. Everything from decorative flowers from magazines and newspaper starbursts to necktie wristcuffs and jam jar decor - collect a number of easy projects to share with friends. Then the day of the party, set up crafting stations throughout your space to give guests a chance to try their hands at a variety of crafts they can later take home.

If you start planning your Labor Day Craft Party today you’ll still have time to collect materials and invite guests. And remember that though the end of summer is near – the green tips you share with friends will get them through the cooler season and beyond.

How will you be spending this upcoming Labor Day? How will you take a typical three day weekend and make it green?

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