{News & Views} Mushrooms In Your Mail

I’m going to talk about mushrooms this morning. Not because they’re delicious, weird, and sometimes slimy, but because they can help our environment, your business, and your garden.

Satellite View of Ground Pollution On Our Earth

We know that Styrofoam and plastics are quite the environmental perpetrators, and we lose a little respect for companies that use these as their packing materials, when we have biodegradable corn peanuts, biodegradable bubble mailers, and of course, mushrooms – yep, mushrooms, as a packaging material.

MycoBond has come up with EcoCradle, an organic, foam-like packaging and insulating material that is made from seed husks and mushrooms, using as little energy as possible. EcoCradle is 100% biodegradable and compostable, and can even be used as garden mulch when you’re finished with it. It sure beats Styrofoam, which occupies 25% of our landfills, and takes a liter and a half of petrol to produce what fits around your computer or television. Not very eco-friendly, if you ask me.

Biodegradable Mushroom-Made Herb Planter

That’s where mushrooms come in. By using mushrooms’ root structure, the mycelium, and organic wastes like seed husks or woody biomass, they can be transformed into a custom-shaped fire, moisture, and vapor-resistant, shock & acoustic-absorbing packaging material. It’s simply amazing, and I just had to share this with you.

Please watch Co-founder of MycoBond, Eben Bayer’s talk on this phenomenal process.

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