{Tuesday Treasury} Eco Shades of Silver and Gray by Red or Gray Art

This week’s winning Tuesday Treasury curator is Red or Gray Art with her clean green collection of cool shades:  Eco Shades of Silver and Gray

A beautiful clean simplicity from Red or Gray Art in this black stone mini sculpture wrapped in goldenrod twine –  perfect on a desk or coffee table.

Some more fabulous treasuries featuring gorgeous red collections by EcoEtsy members:

Red Hot Summer – A sizzling hot collection curated by One Shade Greener

Crimson Red Accents of EcoEtsy – An arrangement of crimson loveliness by Tanja Sova.


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  1. Great job! Thanks for including our reclaimed coasters in the winning treasury! Gotta love EcoEtsy treasuries. They are the best!

  2. Such a gorgeous treasury!(actually I love them ALL!)Congrats!

  3. thanks so much for choosing my collection ..could not have done it without the beautiful shops of this team!

  4. Wonderful! Congrats!!

  5. Alex Keller says:

    It’s a lovely treasury, and thank you again, Elaine, for including a drawer pull necklace from my shop!
    And I highly suggest Red or Gray Art! Everything I have purchased from Elaine brings me peace :)

  6. I love Eco Etsy treasuries!

  7. I love Etsy treasures. Smiles, Paula