{Business Tips} Google Analytics the Best Gossip in Town

Google Analytics GossipEveryone LOVES getting traffic to their shops. Right? You may spend hours at a time advertising and marketing your site, optimizing your site, updating your product pictures, fixing your product tags, coming up with better product titles, reworking your product descriptions to include effective keywords, etc, etc, etc. However as great as this all is, if you don’t understand your visitors your efforts may be futile.

In my last post, I shared information about Etsy’s New Shop Stats, a great tool but a little light in the information department.  In comes Google Analytics, the town gossiper.  If you haven’t configured Google Analytics for your shop, today is the day to get started.  To configure in your shop click on Options > Web Analytics and enter your Google Analytics Tracking Code.  Need a little more help?  Check out Etsy’s Help on this topic.

Google Analytics has the dips on everyone who visits your tie, its free and can help you understand your market just by asking some simple questions.

Here are some of the questions you can ask Google Analytics:

1. What day of the week do I tend to get the most shop visitors?

The Police by ReinventedVinyl

Police Your Traffic

Google Analytics -> View Report -> Visitors -> Visitor Trending -> Visits

Google will tell you how many people visited your site by day in a graphical format that will help you see what day of the week you tend to get the most visitors.  This can help you figure our when are the best days to renew products, host giveaways, run sales campaigns and update products.  If you are looking to increase visits on slow days, you can try renewing a few product listings or hosting a one day sale.

2. Where are my visitors coming from?

Google Analytics -> View Report -> Traffic Sources -> All Traffic Sources

Google answers this question by telling you the how many sources/mediums of traffic are sending people your way.  Here you’ll be able to see if Facebook & Twitter are really working for you and if you are being found directly on Google.com.  You may notice that you get most of your traffic from Referring Sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. These stats allow you to figure out which sites are sending you the most traffic. Is an opportunity for you to learn more about your top sources and figure out how to leverage these sources to gain a steady flow of traffic from them.

3. Are the number of visitors I receive increasing over time?

Google Analytics -> View Report -> Traffic Sources -> All Traffic Sources

Google can answer this question for you with ease. Click the date at the top right of the screen pick a date range and click “Compare to Past”. Then enter a date in the past to which you want to compare your traffic sources/mediums.  I suggest you compare the most previous month to a month prior, for example compare traffic in August to your July traffic.   Google Analytics will tell you whether traffic from each source has increased or decreased. If you had a running ad on a site such as CraftCult, this is a good way to see if the traffic is steady or not.

4. What are visitors looking for when they arrive to my shop?

Weird Word Blocks

Weird, Right?

Google Analytics -> View Report -> Traffic Sources -> Keywords

Google will answer your question by showing your the words your visitors typed into a search engine to land on your shop pages. This is a great source for finding keywords that will work.  Pay attention to these words as some of them are search terms you would never had thought of.  A few of them will seem odd, but don’t balk at them, they brought you traffic.

5. Which are the top three product visitors are viewing?

Google Analytics -> View Report -> Content -> Content by Title

Here Google will tell you which products your visitors are viewing the most. To find your top three just look at the page titles.  For example, in my shop Vegan Mineral Mascara, Handmade Mineral Mousse Foundation, and my Police Caution Tape Cosmetic  Bags received the most views.  If they aren’t already featured products in you shop, you can try featuring these products in your shop to try and drive more traffic.

What are my top 3 product views?

Which are the top 3 products viewed in my shop?

So I hope that this motivates you to begin prying some good gossip out of Google Analytics and using it to your advantage.

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