{Eco-Tutorial} Falling for Fall: Leaf Garland

There’s something that soothes the senses about autumn. The cooling temperatures, cozy fashions, stunning colors and earthy smells make you wish this transient season would never come to an end. Though we can’t prolong these beautiful fall days – we can bring a touch of them indoors with some foraging and clever eco-friendly crafting. Try this easy tutorial to bring some of the whimsy into your home.

Ingredients: Foraged leaves, heavy books, hole punch, string or yarn, thumb tacks

Step 1) Spend some time roaming through a park collecting a wide variety of leaves. Gather different shapes, textures, colors and sizes to create a diverse garland.

Step 2) Once you’re content with your findings, grab a stack of heavy books and begin placing the leaves, one by one, between the pages. By careful as to how each one settles – once pressed, they will hold any folds or wrinkles. Once your leaves are in place, stack the books and let sit for several days.

Step 3) Once your leaves are pressed to your taste, grab a hole puncher and start creating notches near each leaf’s base.

Step 4) Now that you have your leaves punched, grab a piece of string or a bold piece of yarn and start threading it through each leaf. Alternate between colors, types and sizes to give your garland a fuller look. Once you have all your leaves strung find your perfect hanging place and affix each end to the wall using a thumb tacks.

After you’ve made your first garland you’ll find yourself scooping up leaves every time you leave home!

Give your second series a twist by choosing a color palette and using leaves from various trees. Another approach is playing around with the order of the leaves. Try arranging your foliage by color, size or shapes to give your next garland a modern twist.

What’s your favorite way to use fallen leaves? Share your crafting ideas below!

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  1. Yes – if you’re using a book that you ‘value’ you’ll want to use tissue paper to protect the pages. We collect vintage books for decorating our place and don’t worry about potential staining.

    Happy to hear everyone’s enjoying the idea. =)

  2. Awesome idea! Had to Pin it so I remember to give it a go! Thank you 😀

  3. When you put the leaves into the book, place a sheet of paper under and above each because the moisture could color the book sheets or make them wavy!

  4. The beauty of simplicity – wonderful!
    Many thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  5. Thank you for thinking so. Happy fall!

  6. So beautiful! Thank you for the inspiring article!!! Happy Autumn to all.