Recycling Facts [Infographic]

We talk about recycling to death. We know which plastic number should be recycled and which numbers don’t. Although recycling is a way of life in most cities, there are communities that still don’t recycle. So then, it’s no surprise that the U.S. is not the recycling nation in the world.

Did you know that:

-Glass can be recycled over and over without ever losing its purity
–70% less energy is used to manufacture recycled paper
–The energy conserved from recycling one bottle can power a light bulb for one hour
–One recycled can of aluminum contains enough energy to power a Sony TV for three hours


While we should first REFUSE, when we have to buy, we should always think about the end life of the prodcut and figure out how it’ll be disposed.

Here is an illustration of additional facts about recycling.

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All About Recycling
Source:Reusable Bags


  1. This is a really interesting little visual aid. It’s interesting to see how much Japan composts, Sweden incinerates, and Mexico just dumps. I would like to know where India falls on that chart!

    Also 16% of waste is textiles. Glad so many of us upcycle these materials!

    Great post Karen!

  2. That. Is. Amazing. Sometimes it takes pictures doesn’t it?!?
    I am sharing this! Thanks Karen.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I know some people are very visual and at times I find it easier just to have all in one picture. Some facts surprised me like how S. Korea (my homeland) surpasses USA in recycling! I thought we ROCK in recycling but US is behind in recycling compared to Europe and little country like S. Korea! We’ve got to get better at this. Of course, refusing disposable is the best but I know that’s not realistic so why can’t we recycle more???

  4. Great visual! Thank you~

  5. loved your article ecokaren!