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It’s no wonder all of us are thinking about warming up with some eco-friendly fall and winter finds this season, with snow in the northeast and lower temperatures country wide we’re already shivering.  The seasons are not immune to climate change and this year it feels we skipped right over fall.  But regardless how brisk the temps, hot trends in Green decor are sure to keep everyone toasty warm this winter.

Color is always a great way to feel an emotional response.  As a painter I take into account where my clients will be using the colors I select for them as it will bring a sense of calm or excitement depending on the space and application.  Around the house, small accessories in modern designs with a splash of earthy, comfortable tones are all over the place right now. 

This pillow cover from ecofabrik is rich and warm and evokes a sense of the smell of warm pumpkin pie filling the air.  Mmmm…

Bathroom remodels are always a great way to bring warmth into your life through materials, fixtures and paint colors.  Not up for a whole remodel right now though?  Fill the space with smaller pieces that evoke a sense of connection to the earth.  With luxurious fluffy towels, shaggy tan rugs, earthy accessories made from rich wood tones, and a soft LED lighting concept you can get out of that shower knowing you’re wrapped up in a pleasantly comfortable environment of your own.

zJayne carries these fantastic sage and pumpkin dryer sachets that will not only scent your linens with a hint of lavender, but will keep them static free in these dry months.  And who doesn’t love a fluffy warm towel to get all cozy?


Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to stay warm inside.  As an environmentally conscious person I know that seeing these strange temperature fluctuations means the planet is going through some not so great stuff right now.  So how can we use that to our advantage in our homes?  Easy!  Enjoy the crispy temperatures on your deck, balcony, or park bench by grabbing a library book and curling up under a toasty warm throw blanket made from earth friendly fibers.

NikkiDesigns makes a super soft and snuggly throw out of hemp fabric.  When you’re diving into that latest romance novel so you’ll warm your heart and bod!

No matter if we have a standard 9-5 outside the home, or create handmade items that we ship worldwide the reality is that we’ll all have to face the relentless climate of winter at some point or another.  Driving to and from work, going for a Saturday walk to gather sustainable materials for creating our wares, or even just running to the Post Office means we’ll face the outdoors.

This to-go cozy by Lilfooley will keep anyone’s cup of fair-trade awesomeness from getting too cold too quick or burning anyone’s hands when they wrap them around the liquid warmth.


Regardless where you apply the concept – home, office, car – one thing is for sure, warming up this winter has everything to do with being Green, choosing the right earthy colors, and getting snuggly in rooms that are traditionally colder.  So let’s get those sweaters out of the dryer, grab a warm cup of your favorite beverage, and curl up to a good book with a comfy pillow and blanket.  I guarantee that warming up this winter will suddenly become a whole lot cooler!

The Vegan Fall Soap in pumpkin pie scent at the top of the post is by LarsonFarmNaturals.  Made with real organic pumpkin puree you might be tempted but stick to the stuff in the pastry crust for eating!

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  1. Hey folks,

    Just wanted to offer a quick sorry for not getting back to everyone sooner, for some reason comments were making their way into my spam folder. Hopefully that’s adjusted now!

    Thanks for checking out the article, glad you enjoyed it!


  2. I was browsing through today and saw my soap up front! Thank you for including me in this wonderful collection. Love all of them :) It is down in the 20’s and 30’s here each night now. No doubt now that the winter season is here!

    • You’re quite welcome! I can imagine how cozy it would feel to be wrapped up in the scent of pumpkin pie. Yummy! Its getting into low 40’s here at night, very strange for our area as we should be about 15-20 degrees higher. Every small thing we can do will help to reverse the issue though.

      Sustainable, salvaged, natural, organic, upcycled material selections and reducing waste overall are a great way to start. The fact that all of these items are uber cute and inviting is a nice side bonus!

  3. what a lovely selection, love the pillow cover!

  4. gorgeous!Even here in Hawaii the cooler weather is beginning!I live on the slopes of a 14,000 ft volcano and it gets downright cold here at times!love your cozy finds :)

  5. Those dryer sachets sound wonderful, thanks for sharing. Please send some warm weather here – it is currently snowing like crazy!

  6. Love the pumpkin pie soap!!! Hope the cooler weather gets to Florida soon! 😉