{Eco-Tutorial} DIY Bibliophile Wreaths

The holidays are almost here – and what will you be doing to keep your celebrations green? Will you be dusting off those hand-me-down ornaments? Pulling in your potted spruce? Looking to handmade indie businesses for your shopping needs? If so – it sounds like you’re already on a roll planning for the season sustainably.

But if you have that itch to try something new, like I always do, then give this tutorial a go. It’s an easy way to give your place a festive feel by crafting a scholarly set of wreaths using dilapidated books. I found a crumbling dictionary which was perfect for the project. You can also find a book that fits your style best – be it an encyclopedia, romance or children’s book. Whatever you use, your wreaths will be sure to turn out stylin’ if you follow these instructions:

Ingredients: Vintage book, cereal box, glue stick, scissors

Step 1) Cut down your cereal box into three differently sized squares.

Step 2) Cut each into a circle.

Step 3) Fold the circle in half a cut a small slit. Unfold and fold again, cutting once more. Slide your scissors in to cut out the center, creating a doughnut.

Step 4) Pull out a few sheets from your book to cut into the shapes that you will glue onto your wreath base.

Variation 1) To create the ribbon-esque wreath cut each page into one inch strips, width wise. Then, glue one side of each strip along the wreath base, until you circle around. To create the ribbon, dab a bit of glue to the end and pull it back upon the other side – creating a half bow. Next, cut another set of one inch strips, but slightly shorter and repeat the instructions. Lastly, cut yet one more set of ribbons that are even shorter than the second set, and repeat the steps.


Variation 2) For the petal shaped wreath, cut a series of drops from your paper in varying sizes. Begin to glue each shape onto the wreath base with the pointed ends facing towards the hole. Work your way around and then repeat for two more rows. Once the glue is dry gently fold up each drop to give extra volume.



Variation 3) To create the fringed wreath cut a circle out of your paper that’s about an inch larger then your wreath base. Then cut a hold in the center, being careful not to make it larger then the base’s hole. Glue the circle onto the base and flip. Cut narrow slits all along the outer edge of the paper, stopping each cut as your scissors hit the wreath base. Next, cut two more circles, each smaller than the one before. Instead of gluing them on right away, cut slits toward the center all the way around, and then glue. After the wreath is dry, fold up each strip to create a dynamic look.

Step 5) After you have created your chosen paper textures, cut a bow out of the remaining cereal box cardboard and glue onto your wreath. To hang you can use a thumbtack, double stick tape or mounting gum.

Simple enough! You can also experiment with variations by combining the three above or create your own. You can also get more creative by introducing papers of varying textures and colors. Go crazy in your creative explorations using books and other recyclable materials – and you’ll have one less thing to feel guilty for this holiday season.

What will you be crafting to get your home into the spirit of the season? Share your ideas below. And better yet – if you have photos – include the links too!

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  1. I like variation 1! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Let us know how it turns out for you!

  3. Very cute! I think I’ll make the petal shaped wreath for holidays. Thanks for tips :)

  4. I’m addicted to making paper wreaths! I have three in my home (the paper cone type); here are some pics: http://greenearthgoodies.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/tuesday-tutorial-upcycled-paper-wreath/ and: http://greenearthgoodies.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/more-house-re-decorating/

    So simple to make, eco-chic and can really transform the look of a room; timely post!!