{Eco-Tutorial}} Dressing the Table: Gourd Lanterns

One of my favorite holidays is in a few days – Thanksgiving! And with it come the joys of family, food, and reflecting on the blessings of the past year.

No doubt cooking up protein, cranberries and dressing is a top focus – but what about some eco-friendly table dressing?! To get you thinking about how you’ll be jazzing up your Thanksgiving spread this year I’ve included an easy tutorial on making lanterns out of gourds as well as several Eco Etsy Team shopping suggestions below.

Ingredients: Variety of gourds, seed scooper (or spoon), rubber band, carving tools, yarn

1) Make an incision all around the base of the gourd’s stem, removing it completely, and set aside.

2) Using a seed scooper, or spoon, remove the seeds from the gourd.
3) Place a rubber band around the center of the gourd. This will act as a guide for your carving.

4) Using your various carving tools, create a repeated design around the center of the gourd, and build upon it.

5) When you’re carving is complete, create to evenly spaced holes along the top, and string with yarn.

And that’s it! A quick, easy, and biodegradable way to fancy up your dining room for Thanksgiving day. Since you’re using yarn for the gourd’s suspension, be sure to use solar power lights so that your yarn does not catch fire from a tealight. After inserting your light, pop the stem back on for a completed look. You can also forego the string altogether and use the lanterns straight on the table!

How do you plan on making your table festive this year? Will you be creating anything by hand? Share your ideas below!

To get you thinking, here are some great pieces straight from the Eco Etsy Team:





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  1. What a fabulous project/festive decoration. Many thanks for sharing!!!

  2. those gourd lanterns are awesome! fab post!