{Eco-Tutorials} Sunflower Seed Butter

After finding out many of my allergies were common, I had to figure out other ways to enjoy my favorite foods by substituting. I love peanut butter and jelly, I mean who doesn’t? Since I’m allergic to tree nuts and peanuts as many are I had to find an alternative spread to pair with my jam. I tried some of the store-bought ones, but I never really liked them too much. So, I made my own!


  1. raw sunflower seeds
  2. salt
  3. sunflower seed oil


Depending on how much you’d like to make you can decide on the amount of sunflower seeds to use. I’d say about 1/2 cup makes a little more than 1/3 cup of sunbutter.

Spread sunflower seeds onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees until slightly roasted (make sure they don’t turn brownish). If you buy pre-roasted seeds you can skip this step but make sure they weren’t roasted in a nut oil or make sure they’re dry roasted. Let the seeds cool and put them in a food processor or a magic bullet if you have one. Add in salt (can be coarse or fine) and pulse to mix thoroughly. Add in sunflower oil until the consistency is of a thick peanut butter. I kind of like it with less oil since it makes it like a chunky butter. Spread onto your favorite sandwich bread with you favorite jam, jelly, or preserves and enjoy!


What are the pre-allergy foods you used to love and can’t quite recreate? I’ve been working on some goods ones for my next posts!

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  1. Like you, I also have peanut problems; it encourages cold sores aka fever blisters aka Herpes to come to life. So…. I have had to give up my PBJs for breakfast. I love sunflower seeds and will give this a try! One thing to keep in mind though, sunflower seeds contribute to inflammation, so like all things, eat it in moderation.

    • Hi Meg,

      I would have gone to an almond or cashew butter, but I’m allergic to all tree nuts and most other nuts. This was the only alternative I had, but the inflammation thing is definitely not something I need when I already have a chronic headache. Thank you for the info.


  2. This looks great! Thanks! I’ve tried store-bought sunflower butter and it’s always too salty. I’ve made my own almond butter so not sure why I haven’t tried this one! I have been allergic to corn for about 10 years now so to replace my old favorite corn chips with guacamole, my husband makes flour tortilla chips and they are fantastic!

    • Rachel I feel for you. I have a corn sensitivity as well as gluten and potatoes, and allergies to nuts. My diet is so limited and to find something I love is worth all of the mad scientist experimenting! lol
      Those tortilla chips sound fantastic!