{Tuesday Treasury} Shot of Red on a Gray Day by The Wooden Bee

The winning treasury this week is ‘Shot of Red on a Gray Day’ curated by the Wooden Bee. A perfect demonstration of how a gray world can be uplifted by a splash of warm color.

This clever idea by The Wooden Bee shows how lovely gray can be in it’s own right – although there is a tiny touch of red from the recycled wine corks used in this DIY coaster kit.

Some more eye candy from EcoEtsy shops in these treasuries:

In the Past is a nostalgic collection of memories by Bags by Ethicals


Eat Pray Love….. with a side of balance by The Brass Paperclip

Thank-you and see you all next week!

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  1. LOVE IT!!Gorgeous and well deserved win!Yay!

  2. Great job and congrats Bee! You have an eye for assembling beautiful collections :)
    I am thrilled to have been included!

  3. Nicely done ! Lovely choicess and big thank you for including me !

  4. Thank you!!! I’m honored to be featured!