{Business Tips} 9 Days ‘Til Christmas

The Christmas holiday countdown is in full force.  Many shipping deadlines have pasted and orders may still be coming in from people who are hoping to get those last minute gifts.  This is a time to really go local.  You can use some great tips used by many direct marketers to pick up a few extra local sales.

Here are my Top 3 favorite tips:

1.  Distribute flyers and business cards to Apartment Complexes. Put an incentive like a sample or a coupon code to get them to visit your shop.

2. Make a little packet with your business cards or other promotional items from your shop and hand them to the cashiers or sales associates who help while shopping at your favorite local grocer or store. Make sure your business card allows them to know immediately what your shop is all about. The idea is to get them to visit your shop.

3. Have kids in school? Send your child’s teacher a gift from your shop, create a flyer and as the school secretary to place your flyer in all staff boxes.  You’ll be surprised at the results

Now that we are in the final week it’s important that we all remember, this is a time of joy and happiness.  Be sure to spend time with your families and enjoy the moments.

Happy Holidays!

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