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For 2011, the words of the holiday season are eco-simple, environmentally elegant and naturally dynamic. The holidays are a time to recall the joys of connecting, the nostalgia for days gone by and the delight that comes from spending time with our loved ones celebrating rich traditions. But the holidays can also be a hectic and stressful time when such a large focus is placed on shopping. Eco-simple means we take a little of that nostalgia back and bring a sense of warmth into our home’s decorations so we have the chance to decompress from the busy world outside in an embracing environment of our own.

The joy of decorating our homes for the holidays is that we put our own personal touch on the items we display. One of the trends this year is using salvaged, upcycled or natural resources to create simple, elegant displays which blend seamlessly with our every-year décor. This set of 3 trees made by the GigglingGnome is a great example of a piece that can help to set the eco-simple mood.

I was recently perusing a home and garden type magazine and there was an article on creating a potted branch tree made out of downed branches from the yard. The color scheme was elegant tones of blue and silver. It immediately got me thinking about Hanukkah and how at least one of the eight nights of gifts could be something natural. These seed balls from Gardenbonbons will not only light up the recipient’s face for one night but will continue to give for many years to come!

Finally, a holiday that I have recently been introduced to is Kwanzaa. The name is drawn from the term “fruits of the harvest” and it is the first holiday created to embrace and celebrate the African American heritage. Established in 1966 the tradition is rich with the seven principals of African heritage: Unity, Self-determination, Family, Purpose, Creativity, Faith, and Collective Work and Responsibility. The colors associated with the holiday are black, red and green and are represented in the seven candles burned during the week-long celebration. This dynamic holiday shares the love of believing in yourself and those around you and this reclaimed wood sign by RusticCarvings captures the spirit in a special way.

No matter what your décor choices for the holiday season may be, an eco-simple, elegant or dynamic home can bring family and friends together with love for the traditions they share. Keeping an eye on the planetary impact of these choices is just one more way to warm us up inside while we celebrate together.

The pine cone ornaments by Fianaturals seen at the top of the post are another beautiful example of all natural elements that can be used to achieve an eco-simple holiday setting.

What unique and special traditions or holidays do you celebrate? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. This is great, I love the folded book “trees”, reminds me of my youth.
    Peace, Judi

  2. Great ideas, I love the rustic wood signs.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my pine cones ornaments here!
    I love the idea of the trees made of paper!
    The wooden sign is pretty too!
    Can i have all of them?
    Happy Holidays!