news and views – resolutions for the new year?

It’s been quite a year, all across the globe, hasn’t it? Beauty and destruction, births and deaths, political upheaval, social responsibility, breakthroughs in science, medicine and ecology, people across the globe banding together to help each other live better lives.

What are your most remarkable moments of this last year? Did you try anything new, make any major life changes, overcome a personal challenge or connect with others in a meaningful way?

What will you do to make your life, your neighborhood and your world a happier place in 2012? Please share with us in the comments! We could all use a little inspiration!

Here’s to 2012!

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  1. I have disliked the waste of wrapping paper at Christmas…it lasts a whole two minutes before being ripped and tossed away, so this year I started a new tradition of wrapping in usable fabric items like table napkins or drawstring bags that can be used over the year. Just a little something I could change and I did. Peace be, all you Eco Etsiers, Have a great Eco 20-12

  2. I learned how to weave a rag rug.

  3. My biggest achievement this year was that I finally managed to leave my partner and move into my own house.
    Next year I want to plant lots of flowers in my garden and I need to make a better income from my business so I don’t have to go back to working full time with my day job.
    And if my eco friendly business are successful, hopefully my designs will replace less sustainable alternatives.