The environmental impact of our holiday celebrations

In the midst of the giving season it is often easy to forget the impact we have. To give also means to take away. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However we should keep in mind the impact that our actions have on others, ourselves and our environment. You might be surprised by some of the statistics of our holiday celebrations.



  1. great article! I just bought a book yesterday about greening your holidays! I’m already rethinking some of the things I know my family is planning on doing on Sunday.

    Every year I make sure to gather as many gift bags as possible so I can reuse them next year. I only bought 2 bags this year that I know I’ll reuse next year. I bought these great tote bags for everyone this year that are made from recycled plastic bottles.

  2. We no longer wrap our presents in anything if it isn’t already on hand. I don’t even like to wrap in scrap fabric because then it calls for ribbon and I know someone else might throw it away after unwraping. I also refuse to go into debt for Christmas shopping! If we don’t have the cash, they don’t get the gift. That means there isn’t a whole lot of “one for them, two for me” kind of shopping…I shop with purpose & do most of it online (100% online this year woo hoo!).

    How else do I Green my holidays? I make sure to eat and drink as much as possible. Who can stand to hear about that much waste? Not that my waist is happy, but I like to know I’ve done my part :-)

    Great article!

  3. Excellent article!!! I will share on all social networks Beth. Thank you.

  4. While the statistics are a bit unfortunate, I think it’s still important to remind ourselves of our ability to celebrate the holidays responsibly. The suggestions that you posed are simple and easy to do, thanks for the tips Beth!!
    Happy EcoHolidays