{Inspiration} Extreme Minimalist Living

Ever wonder what it would like to pack up all your belongings into a backpack and hit the road? It’s a fantasy my husband is always musing along to and I’ve always shrugged it off as impossible. That is until now! Talk about inspiration – Andrew Hyde discusses how he only owns 15 things in this article. Explore how he did it and what his living essentials boiled down to.

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  1. I love to see people living with less * We have all become so used to way to much * I have spent the past 2 years getting back to the way I grew up, using only what I have to make my products, and its making me be so much more creative in the process – Its a soul lightining experience

    • It’s so challenging to cut back, isn’t it? I watched the film “Outsourced” the other day and it got me thinking about minimalist living again. This is going to be my theme for the year!

  2. I love reading articles like this. Yes it IS inspiring to see what else we can off load. I happened to notice that they didn’t count his socks which are right there in the picture so really thats 17 things, and the toiletry kit… mine would be as big as a suitcase!… I wonder what he keeps in his? Thanks Lydia!

  3. I really enjoyed it. I have a small organic farm and live a green life but I’m not quite THAT minimalistic! Hmmmm, now I want to go look through that closet again and donate some things……..