{News and Views} Ten of the top environmental stories of 2011

Here is a quick recap of some of this last years top environmental stories.  These are just a few of the stories that had an impact on me.



  • Extreme weather patterns increase.


  • The world population hits seven billion people.


  • House republicans target EPA and environmental, regulations seeking to weaken both.


  • Ozone to remain an unaddressed issue.


  • Ocean acidification, increase in algal blooms.



  • BPA under closer scrutiny.


  • Cell phone radiation a cause for concern.


  • EPA to set stricter limits on rocket fuel in our municipal water systems.


I hope that everyone has a great new year and that the new year for the planet will have more good stories than bad ones.

What were some of the stories that impacted you this year? Did you experience them first hand?

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