{Tuesday Treasury} A New Year, A New Approach

What a wonderful collection of treasuries our EcoEtsy team created during calendar year 2011!  Throughout the year, Dwanna, Morgen, and Emily had very tough decisions each week to determine which treasury to highlight on the blog.

As we move into 2012, we definitely want to keep the Tuesday Treasury feature.  However, we have some ideas on how to change it up a bit this year.  The primary change is switching who selects the treasury winner.  Each week, the winner from the previous week will have the opportunity to select the current week’s winner.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Later this week the treasury post will be opened as it has been in the past.
  2. Team members will submit treasuries until the deadline on Sunday night.
  3. The first winner of 2012 will be selected and notified next Monday.
  4. The winner will provide their shop badge to post on the site for the week.
  5. Then, the winner will select the next winner (and 2 runners up) on the following Monday.  They will submit the information along with a short summary of why they selected the winning treasury.
  6. From there, the cycle starts over again and the new winner assumes the selection responsibility for the next week.
The process should be simple, straightforward and fun.  We hope to get more of the team engaged in making and selecting the treasury winners throughout the year.

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  1. Great idea !!

  2. Great idea!!I love it!

  3. Very good idea! I’ll look forward to the new changes in my favorite weekly feature!

  4. This is brilliant!

  5. This method of choosing the winner is much more fair, and will bring some variety to the table. Congratulations!