{Tuesday Treasury} Snow White by Lynn Minney

Wow!  What an incredible selection of treasuries I had to choose from this week!!  After much internal debate, I selected Snow White by Lynn Minney.  For me, this design completely encompasses the season here in Michigan.  The colors Lynn used flowed together beautifully and had the cool, crisp punch of winter.  I also felt a sense of optimism each time I came back to look at this treasury.  January is always a time to look forward to the new year with the hope of making a difference.  The design really made me feel that hope for the new year.

As I spent some time in Lynn’s Shop, I discovered the wonderful laptop case show below that is made from recycled jeans and vintage fabric.  I love the colors, the pattern, and the fact that I could stylishly carry my laptop around with me!

Laptop Case from Lynn Minney Designs

As I mentioned before, there were many wonderful treasuries submitted this week.  Below is my brief take on two additional treasuries that I would recommend you take a look at.

An Eco Friendly Love Song by Bee from The Wooden Bee – This treasury has a wonderful harmony of colors and theme.  I was amazed at the diverse collection of products Bee was able to find across our EcoEtsy team.



A night of passion can lead to many stories in the future by Claudia from ClaudiasCreation1 – This theme of this treasury drew me in and the selections kept my attention for a good amount of time.



Thanks again to everyone who contributed this week – awesome job!!!

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  1. well done!I am excited to see how this new direction flows!

  2. I love white and its rough and tumble ways through time. Unique finds!

  3. Great treasuries this week! Love the pics. Thanks for including our ecofriendly love song. :)

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for including me. =)

  5. thank you so much for choosing my treasury! there were many great ones to choose from, so i am especially honored.