{Business Tips} Keeping Your Shop Looking Fresh

We put a lot of focus on how to drive traffic to our shops through marketing and advertising both on the web and off.  However, sometimes it is easy to forget the importantance of keeping our shop looking fresh and new to those who come back to the site on a regular basis.  Here are a few simple tips that can keep your virtual storefront looking like it’s been restocked and renewed each week.

Add New Items

New Items are the easiest way to refresh your shop and add something new.  Even if the design is the same as other items, offering a new color or pattern can be just the right touch to keep your digital storefront looking great.  To ensure you always have new things to add, consider spreading the listings out throughout the week instead of posting them all on one day.

Rearrange Items

A simple technique to update the look of your shop is to move things around.  Take a few items that are hidden away on page 4 of your listings and move them up to the front page.  Shift items from the bottom of the page up to the top.  This way, when a visitor returns to your shop they see different items on the front page.  That simple move might cause them to notice something they like that they skimmed past the last time they were in your shop.

For those who haven’t “rearranged” before, when you are logged in and on your shop home page at the bottom left you should see a clickable button that says “rearrange your shop”.  If you do not see that button, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to your shop listing page
  2. Scroll down under Shop Settings and click “options”
  3. Check to make sure that “rearrange your shop” is Enabled – that screen is shown below

Change Highlighted Items

Similar to rearranging the items, you should adjust the four items you highlight each week.  Add something new to the mix of featured items.  Shift the order of the four highlighted products.  That simple change can make everything look new and updated.

Update or Rearrange Photos

Another quick and easy update is to shift the lead photo for some of your items.  If you have been showing a tight close up as the main shot, try something that is zoomed out a bit.  Maybe all your designs are shown at a distance.  If so, try adjusting a few to show interesting angles and tight crops.  By combining this technique with the overall rearrange your shop feature, you can create a whole new look in no time at all!

Tweak Descriptions

As the year moves on, seasons change and so do trends.  Every so often, take a look at all of your listings and ensure descriptions and key words are up to date and relevant for shoppers.  Just the other day I realized that one of the most widely purchased items in my shop still had “stocking stuffer” in both the description and the key words.  I felt like I had left the holiday decorations out for a couple months too long!!

Freshen the Welcome

The shop welcome at the top of your page is the perfect spot to highlight new information and products.  Keeping that single message fresh and relevant will say a lot to visitors.  Since the message is a short couple of sentences, maybe this is a place that you could try an update once a month, once a week, or even each day if you are the “good morning world” type of person.


Just like every other part of marketing, there is no “silver bullet” to keeping your shop looking fresh and up-to-date.  Try a few new things and see what works best for you.  The important thing to keep in mind is to DO SOMETHING.  Leaving your shop the same for too long will make shoppers think you are not creating anything new.  We know better than that!  Get out there and reflect all the great work you are doing!!  Do you have other tips for the team on how to keep your shop looking fresh?  If so, share them with us here.

Cheers!  Lori of DrinksToDesign

The main image in this post is of four eco-friendly linen, lavender filled dryer sheet pillow sachets made from recycled tee shirt materials from ZJayne….you can use her sheets to freshen a bit of laundry while you spend time freshening your shop!


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  1. Uh, a last one : use every space in your tags ! This allow you to put usually 3 words and gives you 13 * 3 possibilities !

  2. Thank you so much Lori ! Your suggestions are great and useful : I simply never thought that I could just change the order of my highlighted items for example 😉
    For the Shop Welcome : the first sentence is used by Google. Try not to change it, as it’s used for Google referencements and google search results. So preview your shop announcement to see that ! I always keep the same first 20 or so words. After that I add everything that could be nice and fun. At the moment I say “I’m back and ready for Spring Time Knits” 😀 😀 😀

  3. Thank you for the simple yet effective updates. We tend to get comfortable in our shops and need to tweak them from time to time.
    LOVE those dryer sheets and all the products from ZJAYNE

  4. YES!

  5. Brilliant suggestions! Kathy is right – window displays change, so should our Etsy shops. The pic I have of our house in our banner could change seasonally. Thanks for the tips!!!

  6. I completely agree with Kathy, I see this happen all the time around town but never made the connection to doing the same online and least of all in my own shop more frequently than quarterly (which was about the frequency I “freshened” in the past, things were getting a little dusty!).

    You’ve inspired me to make a few updates already & I have grand ideas for the new listings I’ll be putting up in the next couple days now. Thanks for this!

  7. Great advice! Although my favorite shop in town rearranges their windows and displays regularly, I had never considered applying that type of change to my Etsy shop. Thankyou for the insight.

  8. This a great post! I recently updated my shop with all new pics that made my fabric appear more like a tangible item opposed to a block of color, and I’ve had some really great feedback. I also try to relist or add one thing a day. I’ve definitely noticed a sales increase. Thank you so much for sharing all these great tips! ~Jay