Eco Etsy on The Green Divas Radio Show

Team Eco Etsy is on F.I.R.E!!

I was a guest on The Green Divas Radio Show yesterday to promote Team Eco Etsy and announce a big news!

I met Green Diva Meg from The Green Divas Radio Show last week over Vegetable Pad Thai in Union Square, in NYC.

You know the famous farmers market No Impact Man goes shopping for groceries in his movie?

We dished and shared green ideas and how we can collaborate. Then, she asked me to be on the show and I almost choked on some bean sprouts! Her show was booked – I mean, BOOKED, until April, but luckily, she had one spot that became available for Saturday 18th. So I grabbed it faster than a rickshaw speeding by.

Yes, they have bike peddling rickshaws all over NYC now. How green, eh?

Anyway, so I was on the show yesterday, after Ed Begley Jr – you know, the fabulously talented actor-turned-activist? – called in! I guess you can say he was my opening act. :)

Well, the Green Divas (Meg and Lisa) and the Green Dude (Paul) were nice enough to let me talk and talk and talk incessantly about Team Eco Etsy! And all the wonderful things we are doing but especially about the big news I’ve been biting my lips for a month!!

The BIG News

We’ve been invited to be on Practically Green – a totally awesome site that helps users to be greener by having them take a detailed quiz and then suggesting ways to take action steps based on their answers. We will be on the site on our own special Group Page where the team members can register to support each other, and to have some friendly competition amongst ourselves at the same time on being green.

Isn’t it awesome or what? Practically Green has been so generous and the folks there have been great to work with. It’s a fabulous site that is growing faster than even they’ve imagined. That means there are so many people who are interested in being eco-friendly and learning how to be greener. We are so lucky to be invited to be on its Group Page! We are the first Etsy team and I believe, a non-corporate entity to be on it. We are grateful for this priceless opportunity. Please vista Practically Green’s Blog and check out their awesome articles. I know they’ve featured Eco Etsy in their articles here and there since we’ve been talking to each other about this project.

In addition to Practically Green, we have The Green Divas Radio Show (Podcast of yesterday’s segment) to thank for allowing me to announce this big news on its show! I hope y’all tune into The Green Divas Radio Show every week on Saturday at 10 AM. You can stream it live from on your computer. They have wonderful guests each week and we can learn a lot about what’s going on in the “green” communities around the country.

Thank You Green Divas Meg & Lisa, and Green Dude Paul!

Here is yesterday’s podcast on The Green Divas Radio Show.

*NOTE: You can check out Practical Green but if you are a Team Eco Etsy member, please do not register yet. Wait for further instruction before registering.

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As a former Captain of Eco Etsy and one of the current leaders for the team, I am really excited to be hanging out with like minded team members to share ideas on how we can leave the least amount of carbon footprint.

I sell eco-handmade and vintage goodies in my Etsy shop and consult small business owners on Karen Lee Consulting where popular Etsy Starter Kit is sold. And as a retired Chiropractor, I share natural health news and green tips on Check out my past posts on Eco Etsy!


  1. Great job. I will have to investigate Praticially Green. Thanks for all you do for the team Karen.

  2. Wow!!
    Congrats Karen! What a great experience!