{Eco-Inspirations} Love Outside the Box

Valentine’s Day is just a day away and news reports are all in a frenzy that this year’s holiday is projected to exceed national spending figures from the past decade. From the perspective of both a giver and receiver of v-day goodies – I will be the first to admit that there’s nothing exciting about yet another box of chocolates, bunch of roses, or other cliche ‘token of affection.’

That’s why this year I hope to think “outside the box.” The chocolate box that is! Giving an upcycled gift that’s both handmade and practical will outshine anything you’d pick up at the mall or Walgreens. And don’t let time be the excuse either! There are plenty of crafty green tutorials online that will show you how to create a timeless keepsake with eco-friendly materials. Like this DIY Love Headboard from House*Tweaking.

So avert your gaze from the media frenzy that is pink cupids and sugary stuffs – and fix it on the heart of the matter – the emotional connections you share with those you love. Peruse the Eco Etsy blog for great tutorials – and scour the internet for fun ideas. You’ll make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable, and earth-friendly, yet!

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Pierogi Picnic – who has written posts on Eco Etsy.
Lydia Krupinski is the avid upcycling mad-woman behind popular Etsy shop Pierogi Picnic. When she's not busy fantasizing new ways of using old threads, Lydia can be found wrangling volunteers and fosters for Chicago’s oldest and most respected animal welfare organization – The Anti-Cruelty Society. And should you be lucky to catch her on a day off, you'll probably find her canoodling with one of her four rescue pets, crafting up new eco-tutorials, exploring the city by bike, reading along the lakefront or resting in her urban homestead.



  1. love the sentiment!Beautiful bed and photo too :)

  2. wow! beautiful headboard and bedding!

  3. Linda Everett says:

    That headboard is so cool!