{Eco-Inspirations} Viral Campaigns that Care

With talk about green energy this and clean power that – it’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric of the new technology movement and fall victim to eye-glazed apathy. But one British wind power company is set to fight this eco-fatigue with it’s latest viral campaign that takes on nuclear power in the U.K..

Realizing that a picture is worth a thousand words, Ecotricity takes it a step further to show that a video is worth a million. Their latest campaign “Dump the Big 6” pulls on the heartstrings of Brits and foreigners alike to rekindle our passion for ditching archaic forms of energy. And as if that weren’t enough, the company has truly harnessed Facebook as a platform for relaying the message.

So if you’re needing an eco-wake up call these last few weeks of winter – or want to see how far you can push your Facebook fan page – check out the inspiring campaign here.

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